Emergency Services Tips


This past month served up an interesting and generous helping of high temperatures, small fires, and earthquakes, and to keep life interesting, as we enter August, be on the lookout for Anti-Terrorism Month messages.  Below are some tips, coming to you straight outta the Desk Sergeant’s inbox, too keep you safe:

1) Locking cars, trucks and SUVs is great. Please make sure you have your keys in your pocket prior to locking your cars.

2) We all love shopping at our world-renowned AAFES facilities, but please don’t leave kids and pets locked up in hot cars.

3) When attempting to barbecue, most “grill masters” are novice at best, and burn the meat all the way to the bone. Propane grills are well-recommended because they don’t emit flaming embers into the grass. Also keep a small fire extinguisher handy, just in case.

4) Alcohol and bad decisions go together like politicians and scandal — there is nothing wrong with a cold drink or two, but don’t overindulge, it leads to embarrassing conversations the next day and it takes FOREVER to get the smells out of our patrol cars.  Drink responsibly or don’t drink at all!

5) Anyone thinking about licking ice cream boxes, DON’T DO IT! That’s criminal mischief, and damage to private property.  The San Bernardino County Juvenile unit would not be amused.

6) Lastly, register your firearms — it only takes a few minutes.  Have a great day and best wishes from all of us at DES.