July 31, 2017

Headlines – July 31, 2017


Inside Iran’s mission to dominate Middle East –
Iran has enlisted tens of thousands of young Shiite men into an armed network that is challenging the U.S. across the Middle East. The Trump administration is not prepared.


Hughes awarded DOD SATCOM contract –
Hughes has been awarded a Department of Defense contract to improve satellite communications.
Details of Chinese sea-skimming lethal drone prototype emerge –
Jane’s sources have shed new light on a hitherto unseen anti-ship weapon/unmanned aerial vehicle-like system – centered around a wing-in-ground-effect optimized airframe – that was initially circulated on Chinese internet discussion forums around May 2017 in a Mandarin language brochure with a redacted product designation.
RAF upgrading HC4 Chinooks to new HC6A standard –
The United Kingdom is upgrading its fleet of Boeing Chinook HC4 transport helicopters to bring them up to the new HC6A standard, Jane’s has learned.


White House looks at scaling back U.S. military presence in Afghanistan –
Unable to agree on a plan to help turn back Taliban advances, the White House is exploring its options.
EMALS works! Carrier Ford completes first flight operations –
Navy officials wasted no time putting the newly commissioned aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford and her new flight deck technology to the test — putting fears to rest about the ship’s new high-tech gear’s performance.
New night vision means soldiers can shoot around corners –
A new night vision and weapon camera system allows shooters to fire around corners without exposing themselves and eliminates the dead time between seeing a target and firing when using night vision goggles.
Acting secretary: Army needs to send funding message, fix asset ‘mismatch’ –
One of the great challenges facing Army leaders is conveying the precarious situation the Army faces after years of budget sequestration, repeated continuing resolutions and 16 years of sustained combat deployments, the service’s acting secretary said this week.
Experts question U.S. Navy’s ideas for a new frigate –
A panel of analysts raised questions July 25 about the U.S. Navy’s recent request for information from industry on a new frigate that it wants to begin buying in fiscal year 2020.
KC-46 tanker completes electromagnetic tests –
The U.S. Air Force’s newest tanker, the KC-46A, wrapped up electromagnetic testing, putting Boeing one step closer to delivering the first aircraft, the company said July 27.


Companies that focus on hiring vets outperform market –
A new investment fund will allow people to invest in companies with strong records in recruiting and supporting veterans, active duty service members, Guardsmen and reservists, and military families.
Report: Young vets are more successful than their civilian peers –
Young veterans are better educated, better paid and better off than many of their civilian peers, which researchers believe could be due to their military service.
House passes VA Choice funding fix in final pre-recess work –
In a final flurry of activity before their scheduled August recess, House lawmakers passed a series of veterans-themed legislation, including an emergency funding measure to keep the Veterans Affairs Choice program afloat for another six months.

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Headlines – December 13, 2017

News Pentagon unleashes 2,400 auditors for unprecedented financial review – After decades of false starts, the Defense Department aims to issue its first audit report in November 2018.   Court refuses Trump request to delay Jan. 1 transgender enlistments – A federal court has knocked down the Trump administration’s latest request to delay any transgender...

News Briefs – December 13, 2017

Military fails to disclose criminal convictions to FBI A recent lapse by the U.S. Army to disclose a Texas veteran’s criminal record to the FBI is the latest example of the military failing to document criminal convictions, according to a newspaper’s review. Former Army 1st Sgt. Gregory McQueen pleaded guilty two years ago to more...

Northrop Grumman, U.S. Army successfully demonstrate multi-domain, joint air, missile defense

The Northrop Grumman-developed Integrated Air and Missile Defense Battle Command System, the foundation of the U.S. Army IAMD, has successfully demonstrated extraordinary capabilities for improving joint force operational effec...