Headlines – September 20, 2017



Trump attacks North Korea, prods allies for more military support in UN speech –
In a wide-ranging speech before the United Nations, President Donald Trump attacked Iranian leaders as “murderous,” taunted the North Korean leader as “rocket man” and promised to drive out Islamic terrorist groups in the Middle East.
U.S. military closes outpost in southeastern Syria, ceding territory to Iranian proxies –
The U.S. military acknowledged Sept. 19 it has closed an outpost in southern Syria in recent days amid reports that American forces and their contingent of Syrian proxies had pulled out from an important base in the area — effectively ceding the ground to Iranian-backed militias.


Saab, Boeing to manufacture most of their T-X trainer in the U.S. –
Saab intends to establish a manufacturing and production center in the U.S. to handle work on the Boeing-Saab T-X trainer, but questions remain.
Boeing confident T-X trainer award will be announced this year –
Boeing’s Tom Conard says the company’s clean-sheet design for its T-X trainer will “give the Air Force exactly what they want,” and he remains confident an award will be handed out this year.
Boeing JSTARS offering seeks to solve spare-parts problem –
Boeing’s director of global sales and marketing, James Eisenhart, is excited to be working on a program that seeks to provide the war fighter with a sustainable platform. Enter the JSTARS effort, where Boeing is offering the U.S. Air Force a global platform so that the service has multiple options when looking for spare parts.
BAE Systems to upgrade KF-16 radar warning receivers –
BAE Systems has been contracted to upgrade the radar warning receiver units of South Korea’s fleet of Lockheed Martin KF-16 fighting Falcon combat aircraft.
MBDA boss: ‘Extremely negative’ consequences if Brexit cuts off defense cooperation –
There is an urgent need to find ways for Britain to participate in future European defense programs after London leaves the European Union, or face a big loss for the arms industry, the CEO of missile-maker MBDA said Sept. 19.
Now Rolls-Royce is building robot ships –
British firm Rolls-Royce has announced plans to develop an autonomous robot naval vessel with a range of 3,500 nautical miles.
Army upgrading M-1 Abrams tank sensors –
General Dynamics Land Systems has been awarded two Army contracts to upgrade the M-1 Abrams main battle tank.


20 sailors reprimanded in wake of 7th Fleet at-sea incidents –
The Navy has issued 20 reprimands to officers and enlisted sailors in the wake of three major collisions in 7th Fleet waters this year that include the fatal disaster involving the destroyer Fitzgerald, Senate Armed Services Committee head Sen. John McCain said Sept 19 during a hearing on Navy readiness.
Air Force deploys more F-16s, tankers to Afghanistan –
As the military works toward fleshing out the administration’s new strategy in Afghanistan, the Air Force is deploying more planes and looking for more efficient ways to use them.
Marines want integrated suppressors –
The Marines will soon ask industry for proposals for new weapons suppressors.
Marines looking for newer, lighter cold weather boot –
The Marine Corps is looking to replace the antiquated extreme cold weather boot that Marines have worn since the Korean War.
Marine EOD needs new suit, other bomb gear –
Marines want a new bomb suit and other gear for their explosives ordnance disposal personnel.
Marines ask industry for lighter body armor plates –
The Marine Corps has a weight problem.
Cyber gear that’s tough enough to kick off a helicopter –
The Marine Corps’ surging interest in unit-level cyber capabilities was on display at the annual Modern Day Marine conference that opened here Tuesday, as dozens of vendors were hawking rugged processors, powerful battery systems and hard-shell cases that could provide advanced digital fires for forward-deployed Marines.
Marine wargaming center will help plan for future combat –
The Marines want to double their virtual wargaming exercises and partner their elite war fighting strategy think tankers to prepare for future combat.
Marines getting advanced aircraft rescue and firefighting truck this year –
Marines who fight fires on airfields may have a brand new vehicle to battle the blazes by December.
New nuclear cruise missile program appears safe going forward –
The U.S. Air Force’s next-generation nuclear cruise missile appears to be safely ensconced in the Pentagon’s future plans, according to a top general.
If CR persists, Air Force could announce T-X winner ahead of contract award –
If a continuing resolution extends past December, the Air Force may consider choosing a winner for the T-X program while deferring the actual award, the service’s uniformed head of acquisition said Sept. 19.
Goldfein: Crew rest decisions will soon be made by wing, squadron commanders –
The Air Force is about to unveil a new rule giving wing commanders — and perhaps squadron commanders — expanded authority to waive crew rest requirements when necessary.
New anti-drone gun ditches the backpack, wires –
The newest version of the anti-drone gun DroneDefender is smaller but packs the same punch.
Rand optimistic about B-21, looking to B-2 for lessons learned –
Gen. Robin Rand, the head of U.S. Air Force Global Strike Command, is “cautiously optimistic” about the progress of the B-21 bomber program.
Air Force pursuing worldwide logistics C2 network –
For a globally deployed force, getting something in the right place at the right time can be challenging. The Air Force, for its part, is undertaking a variety of logistics initiatives to help ease that burden and make the force more lethal.
Fourteen C-5s still out for repair after Air Force-wide standdown, says AMC commander –
Air Mobility Command has 42 of its 56 C-5 cargo planes up and running after a standdown this summer.
Air Force continues to make changes to RPA enterprise –
Despite being employed for over two decades, the Air Force is still grappling with questions about its fleet of remotely piloted aircraft.
Air Force secretary: No concerns over Northrop-Orbital agreement –
Secretary of the U.S. Air Force Heather Wilson has no concerns “at this point” over Northrop Grumman’s proposed acquisition of Orbital ATK, but said the service will keep a close eye on how things move forward.
Air Force chief: Bomber bases will keep that capability, even as inventory changes –
The Air Force will be ready to present its “bomber roadmap“ to Defense Secretary Jim Mattis this fall, but one thing is already certain: Bases that have bombers now will retain that capability, even as older platforms like the B-1B Lancer retire.
Air Force secretary: We’re falling behind in meeting JSTARS requirements –
The secretary of the U.S. Air Force says the service is ony meeting about 5 percent of combatant commander requirements for the JSTARS program. Heather Wilson sat down with Defense News TV at the annual AFA conference to discuss the program’s recapitalization, recent defense industry acquisitions, and the service’s announcement about a science and technology review.
Air Force streamlines training to ease overburdened pilots –
With pilots stretched thin, fighting wars in Iraq and Syria and in Afghanistan, the Air Force is working to cut out unnecessary training and lighten their load.
Proposed amendments would speed up three Army small arms programs –
An Iowa senator and her committee colleagues have amended the annual defense spending bill to speed up three Army small arms programs — the acquisition of a new interim service rifle, a squad designated marksman rifle and armor-piercing ammunition.
Metal foam stops bullets without cracking –
Foam might not seem a likely way to stop a bullet, but a North Carolina researcher has developed a composite metal foam that shatters bullets on contact.
New Navy command will oversee Japan-based ships’ training and certification –
The Navy’s Pacific Fleet is standing up a new command that will consolidate training and certification oversight for ships based in Japan, according to Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson.


VA needs more oversight of telework, GAO finds –
Nearly 8 percent of the Department of Veterans Affairs’ workforce is eligible to work remotely. Yet the agency needs to do a better job of managing them, according to a Government Accountability Office audit.
U.S. veterans awarded France’s highest honor for WWII service –
Ten California men who fought overseas with U.S. forces have been awarded the French government’s highest honor for their World War II service.