October 9, 2017

Headlines – October 9, 2017


Mattis warns DOD against leaks in new memo –
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis issued a new warning Oct. 5 to all military and Defense Department civilian personnel against information leaks, and directed personnel to report suspected leaks, guidance that government transparency advocates said would have a chilling effect on the public’s right to know.
U.S. clears THAAD sale to Saudi Arabia –
The U.S. State Department has cleared a potential $15 billion request for Saudi Arabia to purchase the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile defense system.


Here’s how Raytheon wants to make the Army’s air power more expeditionary –
In the face of near-peer competitors that can contest forces in every domain of war, Army leaders say units may need to move on an hourly basis.
AM General touts upgraded Humvees –
Despite the Army and Marine Corps adoption of the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle made by Oshkosh as its new combat vehicle, most soldiers and Marines will be riding in the Humvee for likely the next two decades.
Canadian-U.S. Super Hornet dispute could spark trade war –
Last week’s determination by the U.S. Commerce Department to impose prohibitive tariffs on aircraft from Canadian aerospace firm Bombardier could be the spark that ignites a long and bloodthirsty trade war involving the United States, Canada and United Kingdom.
What just happened with Northrop and Marvel Comics? –
On Oct. 6, Marvel Entertainment, the giant known for characters like Spider-Man, the Avengers and the X-Men, announced it would be partnering with defense giant Northrop Grumman.
Boeing will build more GPS-guided smart bombs with extra Pentagon funding –
Boeing is getting a $153 million increase in Pentagon funding to boost production of its top smart bomb by 25 percent, with the money shifted from other purposes including counterterrorism aid to Pakistan.


Why program cancellations may actually be a hint at progress in the military –
When a $6 billion program gets nixed, people on the Hill want to know the colossal screw up that led to such a decision. When Air Force rethinks a much-anticipated new battlefield management aircraft, the collective defense community yells about inevitable capability gaps.
The way forward: Bringing change to the world’s most powerful land force –
Gen. Mark A. Milley marks his third year as chief of staff of the U.S. Army with a continued warning that the world’s most powerful land force needs to change. The global situation facing the U.S. and its allies is fraught with more risk today than at any time since World War II, he says.
Army gear update: What’s headed your way –
Here are some updates on just a few of the soldier-centric projects being developed and fielded by Program Executive Officer Soldier from the unit commander, Brig. Gen. Brian P. Cummings, and his staff.
Army’s new combat readiness test is part of a holistic push for soldier health and nutrition –
Army fitness is at a turning point.
McCarthy gets tough on Army’s priorities: readiness, lethality, ruthless prioritization required –
Ryan D. McCarthy has a three-word mantra to remind him and those around him of his mission: readiness and lethality.
Two-star: Modernization starts with how the Army trains its leaders for war –
As top defense leaders look at modernizing the military, tanks, ships and gear grab a lot of attention.
Army Green Book 2017-2018 –
The 2017 Green Book brings you interviews with the acting secretary, chief of staff, sergeant major, Army Guard director and Army Reserve chief; a few other articles; and a year in review.
Three-star: Army Reserve focuses on readiness while balancing civilian lives –
Soldiers in the Army Reserve must maintain readiness while balancing their civilian lives, and the command is working on ways to keep that balance.
Army pilot program immerses troops in Pacific region –
U.S. Army Pacific is testing a new program to help junior leaders become experts in certain regions.
Guard director: Training, development and predictability will help soldiers –
The Army National Guard wants to maximize readiness through training, leadership development and a resilient force, according to its director.
Army’s next generation squad weapon could change the way you fight –
The rifleman of the future could fire from the hip, shooting dart-like projectiles from polymer, telescoped casings.
Units need more fit, disciplined soldiers, so TRADOC is looking at a basic training overhaul –
The Army’s Center for Initial Military Training has launched a study to take a closer look at how it makes and grows soldiers.
Army’s helicopter-drone teams to get capability boost in 2019 –
In the final months of 2017, the Army is planning to test out a new upgrade for the AH-64 Apache that will give the attack helicopter more control over two different unmanned aircraft systems, and at farther distances, officials told Defense News.
Chief: ‘The Army needs to get bigger’ –
The Army must get bigger so that it can better balance today’s missions with training for a future battlefield that promises to be increasingly lethal and complex, the service’s top officer said.
U.S. Army chief announces major reorganization for how Army develops, buys weapons –
Gen. Milley says Army ‘must regain our overmatch and competitive advantage against emerging threats.’
Air Force kick starts next-gen rocket development –
The Air Force Oct. 5 released a request for proposals for further development of a next-generation launch vehicle, which will give the service access to space through two companies with homegrown rockets and engines.
Frozen F/A-18 valve is latest clue in U.S. Navy’s hypoxia mystery –
After months of investigation into a surge in hypoxia-like incidents that have left pilots across the F/A-18 Hornet and T-45 Goshawk fleets disoriented and short of breath, the U.S. Navy is for the first time linking a specific component failure to the cockpit events.


Overall vet unemployment hits record low –
Veteran unemployment hit a record low in September, according to federal data released Oct. 6.

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Headlines – December 10, 2018

News Marines identify F/A-18 pilot killed in collision off Japanese coast, KC-130 crew still missing – Five Marines onboard a downed KC-130 are still missing following a midair collision between the Hercules aircraft and an F/A-18 fighter off the Japanese coast on Dec. 6.     Business Here’s latest on Lockheed’s massive long-range anti-ballistic missile...

News Briefs – December 10, 2018

U.S. Marines ID dead crew member in Japan warplanes crash The U.S. Marine Corps has identified a fighter pilot who died after his jet collided with a refueling aircraft during training off Japan’s coast, leaving five other Marines missing and one rescued. Two pilots were flying an F/A-18 Hornet that collided with a KC-130 Hercules...
Air Force photograph by Master Sgt. Jeremy T. Lock

Air Force proposes to base F-35s at Tyndall AFB

Supplemental funds needed to build advanced fighter base Following the damage to Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla., caused by Hurricane Michael, the Air Force is recommending that Congress use supplemental funding for rebuilding the...