Headlines – May 25, 2018



As ISIS targets disappear in Iraq and Syria, U.S. military shifts focus to Afghanistan –
As the war against the Islamic State terror group winds down in Iraq and Syria, the U.S. military is increasingly turning its attention to Afghanistan.
China’s J-20 stealth fighters will likely patrol Taiwan’s airspace soon — and the island nation is ready to counter –
Beijing has repeatedly hinted that its new J-20 stealth fighters will conduct patrols in Taiwan’s airspace to coerce the island nation to reunify with China. But Taiwan has a plan to counter China’s J-20: new mobile passive radars and new active radars for its F-16Vs.


Philippines to receive Cobra helicopter gunships from Jordan –
The Philippines has confirmed it is to receive used U.S.-built Cobra helicopter gunships donated by Jordan, marking the first time the country will operate dedicated attack helicopters.
For first time, Ukraine showcases its American-made Javelin missiles –
Ukraine tested its new Javelin anti-tank missiles May 22 for the first time since the United States approved the sale of the weapon system to assist Ukraine’s defenses in its ongoing conflict with pro-Russian separatists.
EU offers up cash infusion to European defense industry –
The European Union has agreed to bolster the ailing European defense industry by allocating €500 million (U.S. $585.19 million) in 2019 and 2020 to the European Defence Industrial Development Programme.
Sweden releases to-do list for war –
As it prepares for the reality of an invasion from a foreign power, Sweden is starting to retrain its citizens on how to survive a long, drawn out siege.
Here’s how many billions Japan, South Korea are spending on American defense goods –
In an era where the American president wants allies to Buy American, two of America’s closest friends in Asia have proven to be loyal customers.
Israeli Adirs confirmed as first F-35s to strike targets –
Israeli Air Force Lockheed Martin F-35I Adir multirole fighters have carried out their first airstrikes against enemy targets, IAF commander Major General Amikam Norkin revealed May 22.
Airbus drops arbitration with Poland –
Airbus has dropped its request for arbitration with Poland over the failed sale of 70 H225M helicopters after a recent precedent over bilateral investment treaties created concerns over jurisdiction.
European MALE UAV flies under satellite control for first time –
Leonardo and its partner Thales have conducted the first satellite-controlled flight of a European medium-altitude long-endurance (MALE)-class unmanned aerial vehicle.
Launch of third Chinese Type 927 acoustic surveillance ship confirmed –
Commercial satellite imagery captured on May 3 confirms that China has launched its third Type 927 acoustic surveillance ship. The 90 meter-long vessel is the second one to enter the water at the Huangpu shipyard near the southern city of Guangzhou, with another one being launched about two months ago at the Wuchang Shuangliu shipyard in Wuhan.


Congress rebels against Trump’s Middle East war secrecy –
As the top Democrat on the House panel overseeing the Defense Department, Rep. Stephen Lynch of Massachusetts has traveled to Iraq almost two dozen times under three different presidents.
Former defense officials beg Congress not to fund new nuclear warhead –
A group of prominent former national security officials have sent a letter to members of Congress asking that Capitol Hill not fund a major defense priority of the Trump administration: the creation of new low-yield nuclear warheads.
House rejects limit on new nuclear warhead –
The U.S. House on May 23 shot down a proposed limit on the Trump administration’s pursuit of a low-yield nuclear weapon.
U.S. lawmakers put war budget in the crosshairs –
Lawmakers plan to vote May 23 on increased oversight for the Pentagon’s off-book war budget, known as the overseas contingency operations account — or to scrap the account entirely.
White House wants 37 items gone from the NDAA –
The White House has objected to 37 provisions in the House draft of the annual Pentagon policy bill, but it stopped short of threatening a presidential veto.
Why are U.S. drones being based in Greece for the first time? –
For the first time, American military drones are operating from a Greek airfield. But don’t expect a permanent stay.
U.S. Army flows fresh tanks, troops into Europe –
The U.S. Army Europe has notified German states about a massive movement of heavy military vehicles on their way to strategic locations in Eastern Europe and the Baltics under the banner of Operation Atlantic Resolve.
China was just uninvited from RIMPAC. Here’s why –
After years continuing to sail alongside China in the massive Rim of the Pacific naval exercises even as the peer competitor militarized man-made islands in the South China Sea, the U.S. has decided enough is enough, and has rescinded the invite.
From submersibles to satellites, 12 ways to ‘hyper-enable’ a special forces operator –
Special operators have always been “enabled” with state-of-the-art capability, but now U.S. Special Operations Command is looking to “hyper-enable” operators by taking advantage of rapidly improving technology, according to SOCOM’s acquisition chief.
Navy’s F-35 doesn’t have range for real stealth strikes, House report says –
Risks to carriers, absence of stealth tankers allegedly puts “necessary targets” out of reach for the Navy’s stealth fighter.
Air Force will bring back up to 1,000 retirees to plug gap in pilots, other rated officers –
As many as 1,000 recently retired Air Force pilots, combat systems officers and air battle managers could return to active duty under a major new expansion of a recall program.


Massive veterans policy bill heads to Trump’s desk, but results will take time –
A sweeping $52 billion veterans legislative package finalized by the Senate May 23 will have wide-ranging effects on service members of every generation and their family members, but most of the impact won’t be seen until years from now.
Soldier receives nation’s second highest award for valor for quick thinking during jungle ambush –
After more than 50 years, the Distinguished Service Cross was awarded to a U.S. Army soldier who single-handedly charged an enemy machine gun nest after his patrol was ambushed during the Vietnam War.
Lawmakers eye more dramatic management changes at VA –
House lawmakers on May 22 hinted at continued dramatic shake-ups at Veterans Affairs in months to come, this time taking aim at the department’s health management structure for a complete overhaul.