Headlines – September 5, 2018



Here’s blueprint for Erik Prince’s $5 billion plan to privatize the Afghanistan war –
Blackwater founder Erik Prince thinks the time is right to try a new approach in Afghanistan, one that he says will reduce war spending to a sliver of its current levels, get most troops home and eliminate Pakistan’s influence on U.S. policy there: Let him run it.


Defense industrial base study finally coming next week –
The Trump administration’s long-awaited defense industrial base study will roll out next week, according to the department’s top acquisition official.
DOD official wants ‘safe space’ for defense-industrial base cooperation –
A Trump administration official wants to create a “safe space” for international defense-industrial base cooperation.
Germany unveils growth plan for the Bundeswehr –
The German government has presented an ambitious plan for beefing up the country’s armed forces over the next 10-plus years.
Singapore receives new Airbus tankers to replace Boeing aircraft –
The first of six Airbus A330 Multi-Role Tanker Transports has been delivered to Singapore according to the French manufacturer.
Artificial intelligence expert gets top job at French defense innovation agency –
French Armed Forces Minister Florence Parly has appointed Emmanuel Chiva, a specialist in artificial intelligence and training simulation, as director of the newly formed agency for defense innovation, the ministry said.
In push for arms exports, top state official moves to DOD –
A long-time State Department official who oversees critical security assistance programs is heading to the Pentagon, a move that may usher in another big change in the reworking of the acquisition and arms exports programs at the Defense Department.
NRO to take over major contract from NGA –
Today, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and National Reconnaissance Office announced that the EnhancedView contract will be transferred from the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency to the NRO.
Australia orders Carl-Gustaf M4 weapon systems –
Canberra has awarded a contract to Saab for the supply of an undisclosed number of Carl-Gustaf M4 84 mm multi-purpose weapon systems for the Australian Army.
U.S. extends Super Tucano procurement contract for Afghanistan –
The U.S. Department of Defense has extended the indefinite-delivery/indefinite quantity contract it has in place with Sierra Nevada Corporation to deliver SNC-Embraer A-29 Super Tucano light attack turboprop aircraft to Afghanistan.
Russia says it’s designing its own V-22 Osprey, and it could make Moscow’s elite paratroopers even deadlier –
Russia says it’s planning to design its own tilt-rotor aircraft like the U.S.’ V-22 Osprey, according to The National Interest, citing Sputnik, a Russian state-owned media outlet.


Top U.S. Air Force official is now on board with Trump’s Space Force plan –
The U.S. Air Force’s top civilian has been one of the biggest critics of creating a separate military service for space, but now that President Donald Trump has directed the Pentagon to craft a new “Space Force,” she wants to make sure it’s done right.
Cuts to nuclear spending and special ops oversight: Expectations for new congressional leadership –
If Democrats take the House in November, expect the new leadership of the House Armed Services Committee to train a skeptical eye on President Donald Trump’s nuclear weapons plan and attempt to rein in the Pentagon’s actions around the globe.
U.S. Navy must be able to compete in ‘gray zone’ conflict, says top service officer –
The U.S. Navy has to be able to confront great powers in areas short of open warfare, the service’s top officer said Wednesday at the second annual Defense News Conference.
Adam Smith expects future defense budgets to dip below $716 billion –
When Congress delivered a $716 billion defense budget to the Pentagon, defense leaders made it clear it was a welcome boost — but some questioned if the number would be enough to do everything the department foresees as necessary.
Army acquisition military deputy now has two bosses –
The military deputy to the Army acquisition chief will — in a way — have a second boss going forward.
What’s standing in way of multidomain operations? –
Multidomain operations are set to become standard for the U.S. armed services in the coming years, but technical, doctrinal and organizational hurdles remain.
U.S. Navy to launch force structure assessment –
The U.S. Navy will conduct a sweeping force structure assessment next year and an interim assessment, a senior Navy official said Sept. 5.
New challenge will create a ‘Deep Blue’ moment for drone racing –
Aerospace in the century of powered flight is a field of robots and algorithms, fueled as much by nimble startups as mass production.
U.S. Army is making progress on fixing its pilot shortage, so it’s turning the focus on maintainers –
The Army has all but come back from a pilot shortage that plagued the aviation community for the past few years, the head of the Aviation Center of Excellence said Sept. 5.
U.S. Army wants extended training for armor, engineers, other combat jobs –
The commander of the U.S. Army’s Maneuver Center of Excellence said Sept. 5 that basic training programs for combat arms specialties such as armor and engineers will soon start a pilot program similar to the one that is extending Infantry one station unit training to 22 weeks.
355-ship Navy will mean extending vessels past planned lifespans –
Some of the Navy’s ships could stay in service well beyond their scheduled lifespan as leaders look for ways to modernize existing vessels as part of a decades-long fleet buildup.
Marine F-35Bs with the 13th MEU enter Middle East for first time –
F-35Bs embarked with the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit, or MEU, have recently just entered the U.S. Central Command area of operations for the first time.