Headlines – October 12, 2015



NATO: Helicopter crash at Kabul base kills 5 –
A military helicopter crashed in a non-hostile incident Oct. 11 at the NATO base in the Afghan capital, Kabul, killing five coalition members and injuring five others, authorities said.

U.S. begins removing Patriot missiles from Turkey –
The United States has started pulling its Patriot missiles stationed on Turkish soil, Turkish officials said.



Rolls Royce to open tech center in Turkey –
Rolls Royce has signed a memorandum of understanding with Turkey’s state scientific research institute to open an “advanced manufacturing technology center in” Turkey.

Saab pitches Collins submarine upgrade –
Although it is no longer in the race to supply Australia’s future submarine, Saab Kockums is proposing an upgrade to a number of the Royal Australian Navy’s Collins-class boats, based on Sweden’s Gotland-class midlife upgrade.

U.K. Army to extend life of Challenger 2; New tank too costly –
Deciding that purchasing a new main battle tank would be too expensive, the British Army will likely stick with what has long been its plan A and proceed with a Challenger 2 life extension project starting early next year, the Ministry of Defence said.

APS-equipped MRAP to debut at AUSA –
An Israel-U.S. team will debut at this week’s AUSA exhibition a demonstrator all-terrain vehicle featuring a version of the Trophy active protection system.

Drone project lacks Pentagon orders needed to stay aloft –
A Virginia contractor is waging a difficult campaign to provide the Pentagon a different type of surveillance drone, featuring propellers on the wings and unmatched endurance.

British companies build jamming system to take down drones –
The United Kingdom is ready for robot-on-robot warfare. A new anti-drone weapon system called the “Anti UAV Defense System,” which was developed by Blighter Surveillance Systems, Chess Dynamics, and Enterprise Control Systems Ltd., is a combination radar, camera, and jamming system all built into device.

Pratt, GE battle for future of military engines –
The U.S. Air Force and the Army are moving full speed ahead toward next-generation engines the services hope will significantly increase fuel efficiency and power.

Mideast conflicts fuel land force developments –
Transnational threats and the conflict in Yemen have spurred land force developments across the Middle East, especially in the last nine months.

Lockheed Martin’s modular ATHENA laser weapon is headed to production –
The U.S. military already has a few high-powered laser weapons at its disposal, but it’s about to get a hell of a lot more. Earlier this week, defense contractor Lockheed Martin began production of its modular, Advanced Test High Energy Asset laser system for the US Army — a weapon that’s expected to roll out on the battlefield sometime next year.

An up-close look at U.S. Navy’s latest MH-60S helicopter –
Military.com checked out the U.S. Navy’s MH-60S Knighthawk helicopter while taking a tour of the amphibious ship USS Somerset here during Fleet Week. The Navy has purchased a few hundred of the machines and is gearing up to finish the contract.

Election will determine Canadian role in F-35 program –
Whether Canada withdraws from the F-35 program will be decided next week as Canadians select a new political party to form the country’s next government.

Pakistan, China finalize eight-sub construction plan –
Pakistan has finalized its long-negotiated submarine deal with China, with four to be built in China and four in Pakistan. Analysts believe the submarines will go a long way toward maintaining a credible conventional deterrent against India, and also largely secure the sea-based arm of Pakistan’s nuclear triad.

Getting to the bottom of Booz Allen’s secretive ‘global threat mitigation’ contract –
Both the feds and Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. were enthusiastic about a $937 million task order award for a so-called “global threat mitigation program” — but have been much less enthusiastic about sharing details beyond that.

Royal Australian Navy bullish on new MH-60R helos –
Royal Australian Navy has hailed the integration of the Lockheed-Martin/Sikorsky MH-60R Seahawk into the service’s Fleet Air Arm as the multirole naval helicopter achieves initial operating capability there.

Latvia overhauls radar capabilities –
Latvia has ordered a series of new air surveillance radars from the United States, in a major overhaul of its air-defense network.

How ‘Turkish’ will Turkey’s planned TRJet program be? –
Campaigning before June’s parliamentary elections, Turkey’s government leaders portrayed TRJet, a planned dual-use future regional jet, as a “100 percent Turkish aircraft.” The program now faces a debate over exactly how “Turkish” the aircraft should be — even before a contract for the deal has been signed.

Challenges await completion of Indian AF net-centric system –
The $1.3 billion contract the Indian Air Force awarded to state-owned Bharat Electronics Ltd. to complete a homegrown network-centric warfare system could face integration challenges with the other services and will not compensate for a shrinking air fleet, analysts said.



Is there a Pentagon tug-of-war over buying power? –
With the National Defense Authorization Act through Congress and on the President’s desk, attention is shifting toward certain acquisition authorities the legislation may grant.



VA chief to hill: Those health reforms you seek are here –
Why, for example, does VA take three times as long as the private sector to hire clinical staff? Why is VA two to three times slower than the private sector to build or lease new facilities?

Savings plan aims to get service members thinking about their finances –
The fiscal 2016 defense spending bill, approved by Congress last week and now awaiting action by the president, includes a provision to help men and women like Robinson in the future.