Upcoming Events – October 2015

Oct. 16Lecture: Space Weathering on Icy Satellites in the Outer Solar System, Houston, Texas

Oct- 16-17New Worlds 2015 Conference, Austin, Texas

Oct- 16-18Exhibit: The Art of Planetary Science, Tucson, Ariz.

Oct. 17Griffith Observatory Star Party, Los Angeles, Calif.

Oct. 182015 International Astronautical Federation — Space University Administrative Committee International Student Workshop, Jerusalem, Israel

Oct- 18-20Frank N. Bash Symposium 2015: New Horizons in Astronomy, Austin, Texas

Oct- 18-22Conference: High-precision Studies of RR Lyrae Stars — From Dynamical Phenomena to Mapping the Galactic Structure, Visegrad, Hungary

Oct- 18-22Meeting: Time Domain Astrophysics with Swift, Clemson, S.C.

Oct. 18-24Workshop: Solar Energetic Particles, Solar Modulation and Space Radiation – New Opportunities in the AMS-02 Era, Honolulu, Hawaii

Oct. 19Phobos and Deimos Webcast: Geology and Geomorphology of Phobos and Deimos

Oct- 19Canadian Space Summit Toronto Chapter Meeting: Colonizing Venus with Cloud Cities — The Venus Society, Toronto, Canada

Oct- 19-21Conference: Time Domain Astrophysics with Swift, Clemson, S.C.

Oct. 19-22Conference: High-PrecisionSstudies of RR Lyrae Stars — From Dynamical Phenomena to Mapping the Galactic Structure, Visegrad, Hungary

Oct. 19-233rd Remote Sensing of the Inner Heliosphere and Space Weather Applications Workshop, Morelia, Mexico

Oct. 19-2325th International Symposium on Space Flight Dynamics, Munich, Germany

Oct. 19-2336th Asian Conference on Remote Sensing, Manila, Philippines

Oct. 19-2314th International Symposium on Equatorial Aeronomy, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

Oct. 19-23Workshop: Applications of AdS/CFT to QCD and Dondensed Matter Physics, Montreal, Canada

Oct. 19-23Course: Tools for String Phenomenology — with applications to Particle Physics and Cosmology, Florence, Italy

Oct. 19-23ESPAS Training School: The Gateway to Near-Earth Space and Models, Warsaw, Poland

Oct. 20Lecture: Are Old Galaxies Really Red and Dead?, Mountain View, Calif.

Oct 20.Lecture: Exoplanets — Where Are Our Alien Neighbours?, London, United Kingdom

Oct. 20-222015 Annual Meeting of the Lunar Exploration Analysis Group, Columbia, Md.

Oct. 20-232nd International Planetary Caves Conference, Flagstaff, Ariz.

Oct. 20-23Conference: Earth Observation for Water Cycle Science 2015, Rome, Italy

Oct. 20-23Workshop on CMIP5 Model Analysis and Scientific Plans for CMIP6, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Oct. 20-23Meeting: The Many Facets of Extragalactic Radio Surveys — Towards New Scientific Challenges, Bologna, Italy

Oct. 20-23Ocean Surface Topography Science Team Meeting, Reston, Va.

Oct. 20-29International School: Excellence in Detectors and Instrumentation Technologies, Frascati, Italy

Oct. 21-23Meeting: Extreme Weather Events and Climate Change Attribution, Washington, D.C.

Oct. 22Presentation: Out of the Darkness Pluto & The Outer Worlds, Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

Oct. 22Lecture: Atmospheric Circulation and Collapse on Tidally Locked Exoplanets, Ithaca, N.Y.

Oct. 22-23Meeting: Achieving Science Goals with CubeSats, Washington, D.C.

Oct. 23Lecture: New Noise-based Detection and Segmentation Algorithm for Diffuse, Irregular, and Faint Signal, Sydney, Australia

Oct. 24Workshop: Toys in Space and Mass vs. Weight, Pasadena, Calif.

Oct. 24-31Conference: The Standard Theory and Beyond in the LHC Era, Albufeira, Portugal

Oct. 25-3025th Annual Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems Conference, Sydney, Australia

Oct. 26Online Seminar: Serpentinization on Mars — Observational Evidence and Theory, Mountain View, Calif.

Oct. 26-28International Conference on Light Science and Applications, Windhoek, Namibia

Oct. 26-28Conference: The Time Machine Factory, [unspeakable, speakable] on Time Travel, Turin, Italy

Oct- 26-2912th Potsdam Thinkshop: The Dynamic Sun — Exploring the Many Facets of Solar Eruptive Events, Potsdam, Germany

Oct. 26-29Workshop: Dynamics of Self-Gravitating Matter, Paris, France

Oct. 26-29Interface Region Imaging Spectrometer Workshop, Pune, India

Oct. 26-2950th Annual International Telemetering Conference, Las Vegas, Nev.

Oct. 26-30ISEST/MiniMax Workshop, Mexico City, Mexico

Oct. 26-30Meeting: From String Theory to Particle Physics and Cosmology, and Back, Florence, Italy

Oct. 26-Nov. 6COSPAR Capacity Building Workshop: Planetary Data Mission Analysis, Guaratingueta, Brazil

Oct. 26-Nov. 66th ICTP Latin-American String School, Mexico City, Mexico

Oct. 27Lecture: Checking on the Neighbors – Searching for Planets around Alpha Centauri, Mountain View, Calif.

Oct. 27Lecture: Profits in the Final Frontier — Entrepreneurial Pursuits in Space, Pasadena, Calif.

Oct. 27-28JUICE Industry Day: Exploring the Emergence of Habitable Worlds Around Gas Giants, Noordwijk, The Netherlands

Oct. 27-292015 Workshop on Spacecraft Flight Software, Laurel, Md.

Oct. 27-29Wernher von Braun Memorial Symposium, Huntsville, Ala.

Oct. 27-29Meeting: Committee on Biological and Physical Sciences in Space, Irvine, Calif.

Oct. 27-29Workshop: Exchanging Mass, Momentum and Ideas — Connecting Accretion and Outflows in Young Stellar Objects, Noordwijk, The Netherlands

Oct. 27-295th International Colloquium: Scientific and Fundamental Aspects of the Galileo Programme, Braunschweig, Germany

Oct. 27-2913th Meeting of the Venus Exploration Analysis Group, Washington, D.C.

Oct. 27-292nd Polar Data Forum (PDF II), Waterloo, Canada

Oct. 27-301st Landing Site/Exploration Zone Workshop for Human Missions to the Surface of Mars, Houston, Texas

Oct. 28Teleconference: Achieving Science Goals with CubeSats

Oct. 28-29Conference: Missions to Habitable Words, Budapest, Hungary

Oct. 28-302nd Meeting: Windows on Quantum Gravity, Madrid, Spain

Oct. 28-30China Satellite 2015 Conference, Beijing, China

Oct. 28-31International Workshop for the Next Generation Nucleon Decay and Neutrino Detector and Unification Day 2, Stony Brook, N.Y.

Oct. 28-312015 Fall Meeting of the APS Division of Nuclear Physics, Santa Fe, N.M.

Oct. 29Workshop: Civil Security – Understanding the Risks, Preventing Disasters, and Mitigating the Impacts with Earth Observation Applications and Services, Quebec City, Canada

Oct 29.Lecture: Three Problems in Galaxy Formation (and how ISM Physics can Save Us), Ithaca, N.Y.

Oct. 29-30Workshop: Supergravity 2015, Padova, Italy

Oct. 29-30Space Robotics Symposium: Present and Future Robotics In Space Applications, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Oct. 29-308th Annual Space, Cyber and Telecommunications Conference, Washington, D.C.

Oct. 29-Nov. 1100 Year Starship 2015 Public Symposium, Silicon Valley, Calif.

Oct. 30Meeting: Achieving Science Goals with CubeSats, Washington, D.C.

Oct. 30Lecture: Celebrating the Moon Tree, Tucson, Ariz.

Oct. 31International Space Station Technical Forum: Celebrating 15 Years of Continuous Crewing, United Kingdom

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