Airbus recognizes three UTC Aerospace Systems’ business units for top performance


UTC Aerospace Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp., was recently honored by Airbus with three awards as part of Airbus’s 2015 Supply Chain and Quality Improvement Program.

The annual program recognizes top suppliers for excellence and sustainable performance on serial production.

UTC Aerospace Systems’ Actuation & Propeller Systems and Interiors businesses received Best Performer Awards, and the Sensors & Integrated Systems business was recognized with a Best Improver Award at a ceremony in Toulouse, France.

The APS business earned the Best Performer Award for the team’s performance at Ratier-Figeac, a French aviation company, which is a part of UTC Aerospace Systems and its APS business. Ratier-Figeac delivered 2,330 units to Airbus in 2015 with a 100 percent on-time delivery and zero parts-per-million, or zero defects. Units delivered included trimmable horizontal stabilizer actuators and throttle control assemblies for A380 and A400M aircrafts, and side-stick units and single-aisle and long-range door actuators for all programs.

“We are honored to be acknowledged by Airbus, which makes up the largest portion of our team’s fleet support,” said Andreas Schell, President of Actuation & Propeller Systems, UTC Aerospace Systems. “Our team put in tremendous effort to nurture collaborative relationships while providing first-rate service to our customers.”

On-time delivery also played a key factor in Airbus’ decision to honor the Interiors business. The Interiors’ Lighting Systems teams in Lippstadt, Germany, and Bengaluru, India, received a Best Performer Silver Award in the cabin interiors category for achieving superior on-time delivery and quality ratings. The teams deliver a number of products to Airbus, including interior and exterior lights, seating systems, evacuation slides and cargo systems.

“Interiors is committed to honoring its customers, developing solutions and delivering quality products on time,” said Henry Brooks, President of Interiors, UTC Aerospace Systems. “The lighting teams in Lippstadt and Bengaluru have done an excellent job meeting commitments and ensuring that we remain a supplier of choice.”

UTC Aerospace Systems’ SIS received a Best Improver Award in recognition of the improvements made by its Ohio/West Virginia (USA) team in production of its heated floor panels. Improvements were attributed to a series of Achieving Competitive Excellence (ACE) lean events in 2014 and 2015, which helped improve on-time delivery and reduce rejection rates. In addition, the team developed administrative tools to enhance order management and communication with customers.

“SIS is dedicated to delivering on our commitments to Airbus, and we welcome this recognition of our efforts,” said Justin Keppy, President of Sensors and Integrated Systems, UTC Aerospace Systems. “The Ohio/West Virginia team is committed to raising the bar with its heated floor panels for this important customer.”           

Through its SQIP, Airbus monitors and evaluates suppliers’ quality and delivery performance, capacity and capability management, as well as industrialization maturity on line fit. Supplier awards, including Best Performer and Best Improver, are awarded annually.