Headlines – September 21, 2018



Foreign warships in South China Sea ‘causing trouble’, Beijing’s envoy says –
Big countries from outside the region are abusing their freedom of navigation rights and causing trouble in the South China Sea, Beijing’s ambassador to Britain said, in a clear jab at Western nations’ recent operations in the disputed waterway.


Dutch defense chief opens door for more F-35s –
Dutch defense minister Ank Bijleveld has eliminated the country’s budget cap for F-35 purchases, opening the possibility of buying more planes in the future, a spokesman confirmed to Defense News.
How a defense expo reflects troubles for South African military –
South Africa is one of the continent’s biggest defense spenders but its military is increasingly stretched as the country faces recession and a weakening currency.
DARPA contract aims to design circuits in months, not years –
The Defense Advanced Research Agency announced an $8 million contract modification for the University of Southern California’s Information Sciences Institute to work on a program that develops circuits that be quickly adapted rather than wholesale reinvented.
NGEN-R: What is the Navy thinking? –
The Navy released a long-awaited final request for proposals Sept. 18 for the re-compete of its Next Generation Enterprise Network contract. But it’s part one of two, covering only the hardware side of things as the service looks to overhaul its Navy-Marine Corps Intranet.
Future Pakistan-Turkish defense cooperation likely to be incremental, for now –
Pakistan’s ambassador to Turkey pledged this week to increase defense cooperation between the two countries to new levels, but after a string of recent deals, analysts believe further cooperation will be incremental.
MBDA unveils Spectre combat UAV concept –
MBDA in the United Kingdom has unveiled a new combat unmanned aerial vehicle concept designed to provide on-call, low-cost organic precision effects close air support for forward-deployed land forces.
Rheinmetall demonstrates Skyranger counter-UAV capabilities –
Skyranger shot down jet UAVs with its 35 mm gun firing AHEAD air burst munition.


New Reserve Command chief wants to give airmen predictability, better pay –
The new head of Air Force Reserve Command wants to attract and retain airmen with unique jobs and predictability.
How does the U.S. Air Force plan to keep bombers affordable? –
The U.S. strategic bomber program plays a vital role in U.S. nuclear and conventional posture, providing both penetrating and standoff capabilities that allow the U.S. to hit targets almost anywhere in the world. But as the Air Force expands from 312 to 386 operational squadrons — planning to increase the bomber squadron from nine to 14 — how can the service keep costs within reason?
Air Force to launch new command and control-themed exercise in November –
If China launched an attack on an Air Force satellite, which military official would be responsible for defending the constellation? Right now, there’s not always a clear answer, but that’s one of the questions the service hopes to answer this November during a new series of tabletop exercises, a one-star said Sept. 19.
Space Force still an unfunded concept as Pentagon grasps for a plan –
The Pentagon has yet to figure out how to create, organize and fund the new Space Force that President Donald Trump ordered as a new service branch, Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan said Sept. 19.
The U.S. Army is converting two BCTs as it beefs up its fighting force for the next big war –
The Army will convert one Stryker brigade combat team into an armored brigade combat team next year and an infantry brigade combat team to a Stryker brigade combat team in 2020, officials announced Sept. 20.
Big E keeps costing the Navy big bucks –
The once proud aircraft carrier Enterprise is now a financial burden on the Navy.
‘WATCH YOUR DECK!’ The story behind last summer’s Tiger II crash –
Routine flight training nearly turned deadly last year when a F-5N Tiger II tactical fighter stalled out before inverting and plummeting toward the sea, according to an investigation obtained by Navy Times.
Propulsion plant leak forces attack sub back to base –
The Navy says its attack submarine Pittsburgh had to return to its Connecticut base recently because of what was described as a “minor” moisture leak within its nuclear propulsion plant.
T-6s at Randolph remain grounded after crash –
The fleet of T-6A Texan II trainers at the 12th Operations Group at Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph in Texas remain grounded, two days after one of the aircraft crashed.
Marine Corps has already started fielding the new Mk13 sniper rifle –
Marines are already getting their hands on the deadly new Mk13 sniper rifle, just months after the Corps announced it was finally replacing the Vietnam War era M40 rifle.


Trump IDs two soldiers recovered from North Korea –
President Donald Trump revealed the names of the first soldiers recovered in the 55 boxes of remains returned from North Korea this summer: Army Master Sgt. Charles H. McDaniel, 32, of Vernon, Ind., and Army Pfc. William H. Jones, 19, of Nash County, N.C.
Former VA secretaries spar over ‘blue water’ Navy benefits –
The fight over extending benefits to “blue water” veterans who served on ships off the coast of Vietnam is now pitting former Veterans Affairs secretaries against each other, adding to the confusion over Congress’ next steps.
Possible October talks with North Korea on war remains –
The U.S. hopes to begin face-to-face negotiations with North Korea next month on terms for resuming on-the-ground searches in North Korea for remains of American servicemen, a senior Pentagon official said Sept. 20.
SAC vets who flew sleek, dangerous B-47s gather for last time in Omaha –
The Air Force’s first jet-powered bomber allowed SAC commander Gen. Curtis LeMay to build a formidable nuclear force during the 1950s. He used them for reconnaissance missions and electronic warfare jamming, too.