Headlines – May 15, 2019



Training jet crash injures two –
Two military personnel suffered minor injuries in a T-45C Goshawk aircraft crash May 10, officials announced.
Military plans to counter Iran include possible 120,000 troop deployment, cyber attack ‘Nitro Zeus’ –
The Pentagon recently presented a military plan to the president’s top national security aides that calls for up to 120,000 troops deploying to the Middle East and a potential crippling cyber-attack on Iran’s infrastructure should Iran speed up its nuclear program or attack U.S. forces.
Pentagon disputes British general’s assessment on Iranian threat –
U.S. Central Command announced it raised the threat level in the Middle East, rebuking comments from a top British general in Iraq that Iranian-backed fighters do not pose an increased risk to coalition forces fighting the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.


‘Poison pills’: Pentagon tells EU not to block U.S. companies from defense pact –
A new European Union military pact risks shutting American companies out of defense contracts and undermining NATO, the United States has told the bloc, hinting at possible retaliation.
Under pressure, Pentagon publishes a contractor-fraud report –
Released under FOIA, the 4-page document names firms barred from government work, but lacks the detail of a predecessor report.
Pentagon Contractor’s 9,400 percent Profit on Half-Inch Pin Challenged –
The Pentagon is weighing legislation that would give contracting officers the power to demand back-up data on spare parts costs after its inspector general said TransDigm Group Inc. could be paid about 9,400 percent in excess profit for a half-inch metal pin.
Seoul re-issues RFP for 12 ASW helicopters –
Seoul has issued a second request for proposals in its effort acquire 12 rotorcraft under its Maritime Operation Helicopters requirement, after the first RFP fell through owing to a lack of bidders.


Democrats’ budget plan includes a 3.1 percent pay raise for troops –
House appropriators backed plans for a 3.1 percent military pay raise next year but cut the White House’s end strength request by 2,000 troops in their first draft of the fiscal 2020 Defense Department budget, released May 14.
‘Ninja bomb’ is a bladed anvil that shreds terrorists with no risk of collateral damage, Pentagon says –
Collateral damage of indirect fire missions conducted against enemy targets in heavily populated urban centers has long been a criticism levied against U.S. forces.
Russian military gains in Ukraine could spell trouble for the US Army, even in a conventional fight –
An Army major proposes in a recent paper that the Russian offensive, a mostly conventional warfare campaign that also used social media to recruit proxy troops, showcases how Russian units could defeat the U.S. Army in key eastern European states.
Marine Corps is working on an advanced reconnaissance drone that will be launched from back of the MV-22 Osprey –
For years, the Corps has sought ways to upgrade the capabilities of its tilt-rotor MV-22 Osprey, as the lightly armed aircraft is a big target and is vulnerable to attack, especially when landing and extracting ground forces.
Defense spending bill includes $15M to study Space Force –
A House defense spending bill would provide $15 million to study plans for a Space Force rather than funding the establishment of the military branch as President Trump requested.


Plan for ‘blue water’ Vietnam veterans benefits on the move again –
For the second time in the last 12 months, House lawmakers overwhelmingly passed a measure to ease disability benefit rules for veterans who served on ships off the coasts of Vietnam and suffered serious illnesses they insist are connected to chemical defoliant