Headlines – August 21, 2019



Pentagon tests first land-based cruise missile in a post-INF treaty world (WATCH)-
The United States has tested a new ground-based cruise missile that is capable covering 500 kilometers in range, less than three weeks after officially exiting an arms treaty that banned such systems.
Space Command to launch Aug. 29-
The Pentagon will stand up a new combatant command before the end of the month, with the official launch of U.S. Space Command set for Aug. 29.
Trump promises continued U.S. presence in Afghanistan amid withdrawal talks-
President Donald Trump vowed he will bring home some — but not all — of the U.S. military force currently deployed to Afghanistan, amid reports of ongoing negotiations with Taliban leaders on an end to the nearly 18-year-old war.
Taiwan F-16 sale officially cleared by Trump administration-
The Trump administration has officially cleared the potential sale of F-16 fighters to Taiwan, a move expected to infuriate China while being embraced by the U.S. Congress.


Leupold goes after Sig Sauer over SOCOM scope contract-
The Navy’s go-to division for special operations weapons and accessories procurement, Navy Surface Warfare Center Crane, is under fire from Oregon-based optics manufacturer Leupold & Stevens.
U.S. Army nears decision on who will build new missile defense radar prototypes-
The Army is nearing a decision on who will build its Lower-Tier Air-and-Missile Defense Sensor, or LTAMDS, which will provide the sensing capability for the future Integrated Air-and-Missile Defense System the service is developing.
Raytheon nets $47.9M contract for laser-guided Maverick missiles-
The Defense Department awarded a $47.9 million contract to Raytheon Missile Systems to purchase AGM-65E2/L laser-guided Maverick missiles.


Tectonic shift as NRO moved under Space Command in wartime-
If war in space erupts, the new US Space Command will have the power to order the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) to take “defensive space operations” under a new joint concept of operations.
Cut the cables, lighten the load. How this Army system aims to power your weapons and make kit smarter-
The Army is building a kind of technological backbone that top leaders hope will cut cables, reduce batteries, trim weight and share data from the individual soldier across the force.
Four aircraft damaged in carrier ‘bolter’ mishap-
An E-2D Advanced Hawkeye plane missed its cable while attempting to land on an aircraft carrier earlier this month and damaged four aircraft on the deck in the process, Navy officials confirmed this week.
Air Force squadron tests noise-cutting ‘bone mic’-
Maintenance squadrons at RAF Mildenhall have begun testing headsets with bone conduction microphones to see if they would allow airmen who work on the flight line to communicate without excessive noise, while providing hearing protection.


Former VA medical official charged in deaths of three patients-
Federal prosecutors from Arkansas charged a former Veterans Affairs pathologist with three counts of involuntary manslaughter in the deaths of former patients whose medical reports he mishandled due to his own substance abuse problems.
Emails show the VA took no action to spare veterans from a harsh Trump immigration policy-
Top officials of the Department of Veterans Affairs declined to step in to try to exempt veterans and their families from a new immigration rule that would make it far easier to deny green cards to low-income immigrants, according to documents obtained by ProPublica under a Freedom of Information Act request.