Headlines – November 13, 2019


Here’s how a CR could hurt America’s nuclear weapons modernization-
A long-term continuing resolution will result in delays for modernizing America’s nuclear warheads, while putting at risk an already challenging plan to build plutonium pits needed for the next generation of U.S. intercontinental ballistic missiles, nuclear officials are warning.
Japan, U.S. say 3-way ties with South Korea are key to security-
The chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, agreed with Japanese officials Nov. 12 that three-way cooperation with South Korea is key to regional security and that an intelligence sharing pact between Tokyo and Seoul should not be scrapped.


BAE to bring advanced radar jamming tech to US Army aircraft-
BAE Systems plans to demonstrate an interim advanced radar jamming technology next summer for helicopters and unmanned aircraft systems that is lighter and smaller than systems available now.
Airbus expects updated industry call for Germany’s Tornado replacement contest-
Airbus expects an updated industry solicitation for Germany’s multibillion-dollar Tornado replacement program, for which the company will offer an electronic attack-capable Eurofighter.
Here’s what could cause the next Russian S-400 shipment to Turkey to arrive late-
Delivery of a second Russian-made S-400 air defense system to the Turkish military may face a delay over technology transfer disagreements, Turkey’s top procurement official said.
Leonardo invests in ‘fully electric’ Skydweller drone-
Leonardo will be the leading investor in a new solar-powered drone capable of carrying an 800-pound payload and which will fly for the first time in 2021, the Italian defense company said Nov. 11.
A new future in global arms sales?-
The last few years have seen a subtle transition in how the U.S., as the world’s dominant arms exporter, markets to the world.
Can a new Franco-German export agreement clear the air for Europe’s future fighter?-
French and German officials celebrated the signing of a new defense export agreement last month as a watershed moment, but political and industrial mistrust remains a wild card for the Future Combat Air System program — an envisioned sixth-generation fighter jet.


Senator asks Army secretary why recruiters are using Chinese-owned social media apps-
The top Senate Democrat wants answers from Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy by Dec. 6 regarding the use of Chinese social media apps among soldiers.
More intervention from Trump in war-crimes cases could come soon, officials say-
President Trump could soon intervene in at least one of several cases in which U.S. service members have been accused of war crimes, according to people involved in the process, despite concern among some Pentagon leaders that such action could damage military discipline and morale.
Plans for Pentagon’s future flying bomb truck begin to take shape-
Defense Department officials may select a bomber already in the Air Force’s inventory to become its munitions-packed “arsenal plane,” Dr. Will Roper, Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics, said Nov. 12.
Army researchers are blasting past lasers to find a new way to do realistic combat training-
Army researchers are developing a system that would replace the laser-shooting trainers that soldiers have used in the field since the 1980s to simulate firefights and instead find a way to replicate the effects of weapons from rifles to artillery to chemical and biological attack.
Here’s how — and which — U.S. Army units will move across the Atlantic this spring-
Soldiers gearing up for the Army’s large European exercise this spring will arrive on the continent in a variety of ways, but most will be taking planes.
U.S. Air Force expects to resolve a safety issue with the cargo capability of its KC-46A Pegasus tanker-
The U.S. Air Force expects to resolve a safety issue with the cargo capability of its KC-46A Pegasus tanker within “months,” the service’s top acquisition official said Nov. 13.
Light attack effort could spur armed overwatch experiment-
Air Force acquisition boss Will Roper said Nov. 12 that he sees the service’s pursuit of a light attack aircraft splitting into two separate tracks: one that continues down the road to procurement and another that looks into new options for armed overwatch.
Marines tested commandant’s new vision in largest Marine exercise since Cold War-
Some 10,000 Marines just hammered away at new fighting concepts in the Corps’ largest exercise since the Cold War, testing Gen. David Berger’s bold new guidance to the force, the general tells Breaking Defense.
Marines want crab-like unmanned vehicle to clear beach mines-
The Marine Corps may one day launch crawling unmanned robots from ships to clear paths through deadly minefields for approaching assault troops to come ashore.


Veteran-owned and focused market research firm seeks online community of volunteers-
A veteran-owned company launched an online research community and is seeking service members, veterans, family members and caregivers to share their experiences and opinions with business and political leaders.
Eight tips for vets who want to start their own businesses-
Veterans have proven themselves to be among the country’s best entrerpeneurs, starting major companies such as Fed Ex, Nike and Walmart.
Remains of WWII Marine killed at Battle of Tarawa to return to Iowa-
The remains of a Marine from Iowa will soon return to his home state 76 years after his death in World War II.
Number of homeless veterans declines across United States-
The departments of Housing and Urban Development and Veterans Affairs say the number of homeless veterans nationwide has declined slightly.
New study shows veteran benefit discrepancies between states-
The Center for a New American Security has created an online database that allows veterans to search for and compare state benefits. The tool was launched Nov. 11.