Headlines – January 13, 2020


Soldiers killed by bomb blast in Afghanistan identified-
The Pentagon has identified two U.S. soldiers killed in Kandahar province, Afghanistan, on Jan. 11.
Esper says he never saw evidence of threat against four U.S. embassies-
Defense Secretary Mark Esper made the morning rounds on two Sunday news shows, echoing President Trump’s assertion that not only was Gen. Qasem Soleimani planning more attacks on the U.S., he had four embassies in his sights.
U.S. leaders dismiss Iraqi requests to remove all military forces-
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Jan. 10 said U.S. military forces aren’t preparing to completely withdraw from Iraq but may trim down force numbers in coming months as officials reassess ongoing missions there.


Indian Navy hits a major milestone with a home-grown experimental jet-
The Indian Navy hit a major milestone in its quest for a home-grown carrier-based fighter aircraft, the military’s research and development wing announced Jan. 11.


More than a dozen Saudi servicemen to be expelled from U.S. after review of December shooting at Naval Air Station-
More than a dozen Saudi servicemen training at U.S. military installations will be expelled from the United States after a review that followed the deadly shooting last month at a Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Fla., multiple sources told CNN.
Troops on Middle East snap deployment may be entitled to these extra pays-
The Marines, soldiers and other U.S. service members that the Pentagon recently ordered to the Middle East for emergency deployment may get some special pays that go along with combat-zone duty.
Navy board of inquiry clears Fitz lieutenant in fatal ship collision case-
A Navy board of inquiry on Jan. 9 ruled there’s no reason to separate a lieutenant for dereliction of duty while serving on board the guided-missile destroyer Fitzgerald during a deadly 2017 collision that killed seven sailors, one of her attorneys told Navy Times.
Does the U.S. Navy have its robot-warship concept all wrong?-
The U.S. Navy’s plans for unleashing robot warships on the world’s oceans may need some work, according to a new study.


Marine vet wants ‘Veteran’ capitalized — it’s ‘a title and we earned it’-
Whatever shred of humility was left in this world just — to quote Warden Samuel Norton from “Shawshank Redemption” — “up and vanished like a fart in the wind.”
Veterans end 2019 with another positive job report-
Last year’s employment figures closed on a positive note for veterans, who saw a significant drop in jobless claims in December.