Space Force Q&A

Q: Will there be Space Force bases? 
A: Yes. The Department of the Air Force is reviewing Air Force installations which will be designated as U.S. Space Force bases. Any decisions will be made public following appropriate stakeholder notifications.  
Q: What is the next step? 
A: We are moving out expediently and deliberately. As we stand up the new service we are taking care of our service members while ensuring the success of our ongoing space missions. The initial staff for the Chief of Space Operations was stood up with the President’s signature of the fiscal year 2020 NDAA. This staff is focused on establishing a fully-functioning headquarters; preparing to execute the full scope of its organize, train, and equip responsibilities; and, in conjunction with the U.S. Air Force, developing a detailed plan to transfer forces into the U.S. Space Force. Updates will be provided as new information becomes available. 
Q: When will Airmen see impacts? 
On Day one, Air Force Space Command (including all its current subordinate units) was redesignated as the U.S. Space Force. All Airmen who were assigned to Air Force Space Command are now assigned to Space Force. Within 60 days, the Air Force will reach out to uniformed Airmen to inform them whether their specialty code is organic to the Space Force, organic to the Air Force, or shared between Air Force and Space Forces. Airmen will be provided options, depending on their specialty code, to volunteer to transfer to the U.S. Space Force. Based on their preferences and Air Force and Space Force needs, Airmen will be selected for Air or Space Force, and we will work to transfer those selected for the Space Force. Bottom-line: Airmen will see no disruption to their everyday mission and the Air Force will work deliberately through the transfer process. 
Q: If I am in a unit that is redesignated to U.S. Space Force, does this mean I’m now a member of the Space Force?  
A: No. If you are currently assigned to a unit/organization that is redesignated to the U.S. Space Force, then you will maintain your assignment in the redesignated organization and be assigned to the Space Force. However, you will remain a member of the U.S. Air Force. Individuals will become members of the 6th branch of the Armed Forces (the United States Space Force) once they have transferred either through a new appointment (for officers) or by being enlisted into the U.S. Space Force. The Department of the Air Force will go through a deliberate process and will provide information to individuals to help guide their transfer into the U.S. Space Force. Now and in the future, there will continue to be Airmen, who are members of the United States Air Force, assigned to support the U.S. Space Force mission.  
Q: Will any units assigned to Space Force move locations? 
A: There are currently no plans to relocate existing units.  
Q: How many people will be assigned to the Space Force? 
A: With the redesignation of AFSPC as U.S. Space Force, approximately 16,000 military and civilian space personnel were assigned to the Space Force on Dec. 20, 2019. These assigned personnel are at present time Airmen within the U.S. Air Force. Appropriate personnel will have the opportunity to transfer into the new armed force and become U.S. Space Force service members, in a deliberate manner. If additional units are redesignated or realigned to or from the U.S. Space Force, then the number assigned will change accordingly.

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