Headlines – February 19, 2020


Lawmakers push back at Trump’s Pentagon funding grab for wall-
Lawmakers are calling out the Trump administration over its latest plan to shift billions of dollars meant for the Pentagon’s budget to instead pay for border wall construction.
Graham denies threatening to make Esper’s life ‘hell’ if he cuts AFRICOM troops-
Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., denied a report that he threatened to make Mark Esper’s life “hell” if the defense secretary proceeds with rumored plans to cut U.S. troops from West Africa and the Sahel region.
Will Trump’s Afghanistan peace deal win him votes?-
Whether President Donald Trump’s seven-day ceasefire deal with the Taliban is a serious bid for peace or a campaign-year ploy, it’s unclear it will make a difference to American voters with just nine months to go until the 2020 presidential election.

Singapore expects first upgraded F-16 jets to fly next year-
Singapore expects to have its first upgraded F-16 multi-role fighter jet roll off the line sometime next year, with its air force chief confirming that work will be carried out locally.
New joint ventures hint at ‘burgeoning relationship’ between Israel and India-
Israel and India are deepening defense industry ties as Israeli companies seek long-term partnerships through India’s efforts to encourage products to be locally produced under joint ventures.
Nuclear missile upgrade could deliver $13 billion to Northrop-
Northrop Grumman will receive as much as $13 billion in research spending through 2025 as the sole contractor on the Air Force’s replacement program for the aging Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile.
Turkey reveals new plan to buy drones, helicopters, air defense systems-
Turkey’s defense procurement agency has unveiled an ambitious procurement plan for 2020, even as its economy seeks to recover from a recession and the government spends money fighting wars in multiple theaters, including Iraq and Syria.


Pentagon wants to design unmanned ‘flying gun’-
The Pentagon is seeking millions for an unmanned flying gun that could handle airborne or ground-based targets.
Pentagon to adopt detailed principles for using AI-
The Defense Department will soon adopt a detailed set of rules to govern how it develops and uses artificial intelligence, officials familiar with the matter told Defense One.
U.S. Army awards a contract for manned-unmanned teaming comms-
The U.S. Army has selected Persistent Systems to develop a secure communications network that can transmit information in real time and can help coordinate Manned and Unmanned Teaming operations, according to a Feb. 11 press release from the company.
After protest, Army launches new competition for robotic mule-
The Army has renewed a competition to acquire a robotic mule for light infantry after it canceled its previous award following a protest.
Navy confirms global strike hypersonic weapon will first deploy on Virginia attack subs-
The Navy intends to deploy its conventional prompt strike hypersonic weapon on Virginia-class attack submarines, after previous discussions of putting the weapon on the larger Ohio-class guided-missile submarine (SSGN), according to budget request documents.
Rifle designed for aircrew ejecting in hostile regions delivered to the Air Force-
Air Force gunsmiths recently completed delivery of a new M4-style carbine designed to break down small enough to fit under most pilot ejection seats.