Headlines – June 1, 2020


5,000 National Guard troops in 15 states, DC activated to help quell growing civil unrest-
As cities across the nation are burning after several days of rage over what prosecutors say was the murder of a handcuffed black man by Minneapolis police, about 5,000 National Guard troops in 15 states and the District of Columbia have been activated to help quell the unrest.
Coalition strike kills senior ISIS leader wanted by the U.S.-
A senior Islamic State leader the U.S. had put a $5 million bounty on was killed this week in a coalition airstrike aided by Syrian partner forces, officials said.


Boeing takes Embraer to arbitration over failed aviation deal-
Boeing Co has taken former partner Embraer SA to arbitration over a failed $4.2 billion deal, the Brazilian planemaker said in a securities filing on Monday night.
Shipbuilding suppliers need more than market forces to stay afloat-
The U.S. Navy’s award this month of the contract for its new class of frigates starts the very necessary process of rebalancing the U.S. surface fleet, but the competition also highlighted the U.S. shipbuilding-industrial base’s increasing fragility.
DARPA seeks secure microchip supply chain-
DARPA has launched a four-year project to find ways to design security features into microchips as they are being made to help ensure the future supply chain.


Exercise to unite four combatant commands to test homeland defenses for the first time-
For the first time, four U.S. combatant commands are coming together this week for an exercise that simulates how the military would respond to an attack on its home turf.
In his fight to change the Corps, America’s top Marine takes friendly fire-
As the new commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps seeks to make radical changes to how the service operates, there are signs some of the old-guard Marines are dubious of aligning too closely with the Navy.
At a budgetary crossroads, U.S. Navy’s aviation wing must choose between old and new-
In the coming years, the U.S. Navy will be faced with a decision that will radically shape the carrier air wing: Is the service willing to sacrifice dozens of new Super Hornet jets for the promise of a sixth-generation fighter in the 2030s?
U.S. Navy embraces robot ships, but some unresolved issues are holding them back-
The U.S. military is banking on unmanned surface and subsurface vessels to boost its capacity in the face of a tsunami of Chinese naval spending. But before it can field the systems, it must answer some basic questions.
Poor spending decisions on F-18 could have long-term national security consequences-
Those who plan for our nation’s defense are often under pressure because of questionable spending decisions made in the past.


National World War II Memorial is vandalized-
The National World War II Memorial was among the landmarks in the nation’s capital that were vandalized amid weekend protests.
2020 Warrior Games scrubbed by Marine Corps over COVID-19 concerns-
Add the 2020 Warrior Games to the list of military events being cancelled over COVID-19 concerns.
Veterans disability exams to resume at some sites as backlog hits 114,000, nearly doubling in six months-
Veterans Affairs officials announced they will resume in-person compensation and pension exams at 20 department medical centers in coming weeks in an effort to bring down a backlog of benefits cases which has grown substantially since November due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Lawmakers petition VA for more data on veteran coronavirus cases-
Amid growing evidence that the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting minority populations at substantially higher rates, the chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee and other Democrats have asked the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide detailed demographics on its veteran coronavirus patients.

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