Headlines — November 24


No Afghan family members of U.S. troops have been eligible to come to the US. Here’s why
Dozens of family members would like to leave Afghanistan, but there isn’t a special emigration process for them.

U.S. envoy on Afghanistan to return to Doha to meet Taliban -State Department
The U.S. Special Representative for Afghanistan will visit Doha next week for two weeks of meetings with leaders of the Taliban, State Department spokesperson Ned Price said on Nov. 23.




‘No company is immune’: Supply chain woes weigh on defense firms
More than a year and a half after the COVID-19 pandemic began to rock supply chains around the world, the defense industry is still wrestling with its fallout, and figuring out how to move forward amid the turmoil.

U.S. needs ‘manufacturing renaissance’ to compete with China: Report
Reagan Institute warns of “inadequate” investments, “exceedingly fragile” supply chains, and “insufficient” accountability of government officials, among other U.S. weaknesses.




Pentagon creates new organization to investigate mysterious objects in the sky
The Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group, nested in the office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence & Security, will now lead investigations into mysterious objects in the sky.

Key Pentagon posts remain vacant amid supply-chain crisis
The Biden administration has not even nominated a defense undersecretary of acquisition and sustainment.

Next generation SSN(X) attack sub ‘is going to carry a lot of torpedoes,’ says admiral
The next U.S. nuclear attack submarine must require less maintenance, be fast, quiet, and packed with torpedoes, the serviceís director of undersea warfare said.

Air Force wants to kill a drone that ground commanders say they can’t live without
Not only is the Reaper vital to protecting U.S. interests in simmering conflict zones like those under Central Command and Africa Command, they argued, but it can also be adapted to new and important roles against Russia or China for a bargain-basement price.




Vets groups worry military sexual assault reforms will be dropped from Congress’ defense bill plans
Both House and Senate lawmakers earlier this year backed major changes in how serious crimes are prosecuted, but the proposal still faces hurdles to becoming law.

VA coronavirus spending to get more scrutiny under the new law
The bill was one of three finalized by the president this week.

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