Headlines — November 29


Ukraine leader alleges Russia-backed coup planned next week
In Nantucket, Mass., where he is spending a holiday weekend, U.S. President Joe Biden expressed concern at the coup talk and renewed U.S. support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and self-government.

Pakistan ‘welcomes’ second round of U.S.-Taliban talks in Doha
Pakistan has “welcomed” a second round of talks between the United States and the Taliban since the latter’s takeover of Afghanistan earlier this year, a Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) spokesperson says.

Incoming German government commits to NATO nuclear deterrent
Germany’s incoming government has affirmed its commitment to NATO’s nuclear deterrent, including the role accorded to Berlin in the strategy, according to a coalition agreement unveiled Nov. 24 by Social Democrats (SPD), the Greens and the liberal Free Democrats (FDP).




China’s mysterious hypersonic test may take a page from DARPA’s past
“Calling it ‘breaking the laws of physics’ does not lead to rational scrutiny,” Secure World’s Victoria Samson said of the recent Chinese hypersonic test.

Army to work with satellite radar imagery provider ICEYE
The U.S. Army will work with radar satellite imagery provider ICEYE to understand how that technology can be integrated into current and future Army missions and technologies.

Defense industry asks White House to allow COVID tests to substitute for vax mandate
Nation’s largest military shipbuilder says it won’t comply until mandate is written into a contract.

Morocco buys Israeli counter-drone system Skylock Dome
The Moroccan military has purchased the Israeli counter-drone system Skylock Dome, according to a Nov. 21 post on the armed forces’ official Facebook page.

British Air Force chief envisions synthetic fuel produced on deployments
Britain’s Air Force chief has outlined a future where synthetic aircraft fuel could be produced on forward air bases and warships, in a speech on the service’s ambitions to achieve net-zero emissions by 2040.




National Guard scandals in these 13 states raise questions about culture and accountability
The National Guard system — crucial to America’s military defense and vital to state emergency operations — is reeling from corruption and misconduct that reflect overarching command failures, a USA TODAY investigation has found.

Unvaccinated active duty airmen will soon be barred from moving to new assignments
Airmen who haven’t received a first or second vaccine dose, including those who are still awaiting a final decision on an exemption request, will be barred from current and future permanent change of station moves starting Nov. 29.

Navy is testing a GPS-like device that doesn’t require satellites
The Navy is researching a new technology that could help sailors and Marines navigate in places where the Global Positioning System just doesn’t work.

As deadline approaches, Marines are the military’s least vaccinated force
Despite having a later deadline, the Army is still ahead of the Marine Corps with a 95 percent vaccination rate.

Air Force is 120 airplanes smaller since 2020, but fighters and bombers stay about level
The Air Force trimmed 120 airplanes from its fleet in fiscal 2021, gaining the most aircraft among its F-35 fighter squadrons and giving up the most from its B-1 bomber units, according to data provided by the Air Force.

DARPA’s aerial turducken, the LongShot, still cooking towards 2022 milestone
The LongShot effort was “initiated” in February and was described at the time by DARPA as an “air-launched unmanned air vehicle (UAV) with the ability to employ multiple air-to-air weapons.”




WWII Museum show to feature stories of bravery, sacrifice
The plan is to draw from the museum’s archives to tell personal stories of soldiers, nurses and chaplains who served, their loved ones and others who played a role on the home front, including factory workers, artists and entertainers.

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