Headlines — April 13


US assessing reports of Russia’s use of chemical agents in Ukraine war as convoy presses farther into the east
Reports of the chemical attack circulated on social media, prompting chief Pentagon spokesman John Kirby to release a statement that noted the U.S. was aware of the reports but could not confirm their accuracy.

‘Roughly 8 to 10 flights a say’ full of aid for Ukraine pouring into Europe
Roughly eight to 10 flights full of supplies and equipment for Ukraine are landing in Eastern Europe every day, Pentagon press secretary John F. Kirby told reporters on April 12, as the U.S. and other nations race to get their aid packages into the hands of Ukrainians combatting Russia’s invasion.

Ukrainians use drones, facial-recognition software as they probe alleged war crimes
Authorities are embarking on a wide-ranging probe of alleged war crimes with the aim of building cases strong enough to persuade an international court to hold the Kremlin and its soldiers responsible.




Kathleen Hicks warns of ‘substantial decline’ in defense-industrial base competition
The deputy defense secretary has voiced concerns that a “substantial decline” in competition in the defense-industrial base, particularly around small businesses, will complicate the Pentagon’s efforts to capture innovation and value for taxpayers.

Space companies investing in small satellite production capacity as customers shift to hybrid architectures
“Elastic” is the word Boeing’s President of Commercial Satellites Ryan Reid uses to describe the relationship between the company’s commercial, government and small satellite divisions.

Austal USA opens steel line ‘at a critical time,’ says Navy official
At one end of Austal USA’s new steel line, the plates coming in weigh up to a couple tons each, and they’ll land on the beds of cutters that can slice through eight inches of metal.




First to fight: Is this the end of the Corps as America’s 911 force?
A group of more than two dozen retired Marines fear completely ditching tanks, and cutting artillery, air components and law enforcement battalions might soon spell the end of the Corps as Americaís 911 force. And even the end of the Corps itself.

Power struggle: How the US Army is tackling the logistics of battlefield electricity
An infantry soldier’s primary focus was once ammunition, dry socks and enough water to survive in the field. But today there’s a need for vast stores of power just to manage daily operations.

‘Lightning Carrier’ concept shows how Navy, Marine Corps can fly more F-35Bs from amphibs
The USS Tripoli had 20 of the fifth-generation aircraft on board conducting flight operations during a recent demonstration.

Navy to deploy four cargo drones on an aircraft carrier this year
A quartet of logistics drones capable of carrying up to 50-pound payloads will embark on a U.S. aircraft carrier later this year to see if the unmanned aerial vehicles are practical at sea.

Meet the F-15EX: The US Air Force has big plans for this fighter jet
Boeing’s F-15EX could be a major upgrade for the US Air Force and fly side by side with the F-35 stealth fighter.




VA leaders failing to report problematic physicians to state authorities
Veterans Affairs officials are failing to consistently notify state medical boards when department physicians are fired for malpractice or incompetence, a situation that could put the public at risk.

Veterans of terrorist attacks and families push for access to Afghanistan funds
A group of more than 500 veterans and military family members are pushing lawmakers to broaden federal plans for distributing billions in seized Taliban funds to include more victims of terrorist attacks, rather than limiting it to only Sept. 11 victims.

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