Headlines — June 22


American airman arrested in connection with April attack on US base in Syria
Military law enforcement on June 16 arrested an American airman as part of an ongoing investigation into an insider attack on a small U.S. base in northern Syria that injured four service members in April, CNN reported June 21.

Army vet killed fighting in Ukraine: report
At least one other American citizen has died fighting for Ukraine this year.

Russian anger at Lithuania puts spotlight back on US troops in NATO battlegroup near Suwalki Gap
For years, security analysts have feared that in the event of a crisis with Russia, Moscow could seal off the Baltic states from the rest of NATO by seizing the Suwalki Gap, a vulnerable choke point that connects Poland to Lithuania.

Howitzers arrive in Ukraine, first in pledged weapons package from Germany
German self-propelled howitzers have arrived in Ukraine in the first delivery of heavy weapons promised by Berlin, Ukraine’s defence minister said on June 21.




BAE Systems shows off new version of US Marine Corps’ combat vehicle
The RT20 is a compact and lightweight turret system including the latest Kongsberg technology within fire control, sensor capability and lethality performance. The RT20 has been selected as the 30mm lethality solution for the United States Marine Corps ACV program, and is fully marinized to allow operations in marine environments.

Lockheed Martin blends AI decision aide, virtual Aegis combat system in drill near Guam
Lockheed Martin and U.S. Indo-Pacific Command demonstrated an artificial intelligence planning tool paired with the Virtual Aegis Weapon System to conduct joint-service, multi-domain strike operations.

After delays, Boeing hopes for MH-139A Grey Wolf FAA cert this summer
A production decision is now anticipated to occur in 2023, having slipped from the original date of September 2021.




Wittman on US Navy ship retirements and a sea-launched nuclear weapon
After two of the four congressional defense committees have debated their fiscal 2023 bills, two key U.S. Navy issues have surfaced as the most contentious: the Navy’s plan to decommission 24 ships in one year and its decision to cancel a sea-launched low-yield nuclear weapon.

Troops making less than $45,000 would get ‘inflation bonus’ under House proposal
Service members and Defense Department civilians making less than $45,000 annually would get a monthly “inflation bonus” in 2023 under a House proposal released June 21.

Pentagon should consider “National Hypersonic Initiative” to speed development, lawmakers say
A provision in the House Armed Services Committee’s draft policy bill could pave the way for a “National Hypersonic Initiative” aimed at addressing development and testing gaps and accelerating the Pentagon’s path to fielding the technology.

HAC-D scolds Space Force on lack of ‘realistic budgets’
House lawmakers with their hands on Pentagon purse strings are taking the Space Force to task for including more projects in its fiscal year 2023 budget request than its five-year budget plan actually supports.

USAF doesn’t expect new aggressor F-35s’ camo to interfere with stealth
The new “Splinter” camouflage on aggressor F-35s at Nellis Air Force Base, Nev., shouldn’t negate or interfere with their low observability, meaning they can truly play the role of a stealthy sparring partner for USAF fighters, according to a Nellis spokesperson.




Korean War Marine veterans enjoy reunion almost 70 years in the making
The duo served in Korea after spending time in the brig for stowing away to get there the first time.

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