Headlines — August 12


US launches three airstrikes against al-Shabab in Somalia
Four al-Shabab militants are presumed dead after a series of airstrikes launched by U.S. forces in Somalia, U.S. Africa Command announced Aug. 10.

Ukraine says 9 Russian warplanes destroyed in Crimea blasts
Ukraine’s air force said Aug. 10 that nine Russian warplanes were destroyed in massive explosions at an air base in Crimea amid speculation they were the result of a Ukrainian attack that would represent a significant escalation in the war.

Crimea airfield blast was work of Ukrainian special forces, official says
The attack marked a dramatic escalation of the war, demonstrating Ukrainian forces’ ability to strike deeper behind Russian lines than previously believed.




Richardson: TBG and HAWC can still ‘inform’ other hypersonic efforts
The Tactical Boost Glide program and the Hypersonic Air-breathing Weapon Concept still have value, even though the programs they support are either in source selection or flight testing, Gen. Duke Z. Richardson, head of Air Force Materiel Command, said Aug. 10.

Spanish Army buys Milrem ground robot for testing
The Spanish military took delivery of a THeMIS robotic vehicle, made by Estonia’s Milrem Robotics, to gauge how unmanned ground technology can improve operations of its ground forces, the company announced Aug. 9.

Textron Systems loses bid to change Navy’s course on MCM USV contract
The Government Accountability Office has denied Textron Systems’ legal challenge to the Navy’s $122 million contract award to Bollinger Shipyards for the production of a new unmanned surface vehicle.

Canada plans to buy four new Airbus tankers, requests proposal
The Canadian government expects to award a contract next year to Airbus for four new strategic tanker transport aircraft, according to the country’s National Defence Department.

After Tunisian president’s power grab, are Western defense deals in doubt?
The US has criticized the “erosion” of democracy in the North African nation, but hasn’t said it would cancel or curtail aircraft sales.



Army seeks data as it fields Next Generation Squad Weapons
Armaments Research Co. will provide U.S. soldiers with real-time data on the health and readiness of the rifles that the service has recently selected for its close combat force under the Next Generation Squad Weapons program, the company announced in a news release Aug. 10.

Redstone unveils new ‘directed energy beam’ test range
When the big garage-type door rolled up Aug. 8 on a tan building in a field off Redstone Arsenal’s main roads, the view was down a 400-meter cleared path ending in a small mountain of red Alabama dirt.

‘Bullet made out of light’: Army to field first Stryker-mounted combat laser in next 45 days
In addition to the directed energy system for the Stryker, the Army is looking at a small laser for a smaller vehicle.

This Air Force drone just proved it can be a ‘Grunt Angel’ in a war with China
The MQ-9 Reaper drone, a symbol of the Global War on Terror, could soon provide the same cheap-but-effective recon and support over the Pacific.

B-52 will get at least one new designation with radar, engine upgrades
The B-52H will be redesignated the B-52J or possibly B-52K when it gets a new radar and new engines, but the Air Force hasn’t yet decided what will constitute the new B-52 variant, according to Col. Louis Ruscetta, senior materiel leader for the program.




Biden signs burn pit exposure health bill into law
Millions of veterans are now eligible for expanded health care access and disability benefits related to burn pit smoke and other toxic exposures after President Joe Biden signed into law Aug. 10 comprehensive new veterans legislation.

How a military veteran battling PTSD built a castle on a mountain, and rebuilt his life, one stone at a time
Mikey Allen didn’t plan to build a castle. He just needed somewhere to be alone, to find some peace.

At least one photo found for every veteran honored on Vietnam memorial
A photo of every service member whose name is inscribed on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial is now featured on a website dedicated to honoring them.

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