Headlines — August 15


Afghan troops fled to Iran amid Taliban takeover, GOP report says
Thousands of Afghan security personnel, including special forces troops, likely fled to Iran with U.S. equipment and military knowledge as their country fell to Taliban insurgents last year, according to a new report released by House Republican leaders on Aug. 15.

US, Indonesia, Australia hold military drills amid China concerns
Soldiers from the U.S., Indonesia and Australia joined a live-fire drill on Friday, part of annual joint combat exercises on Sumatra island amid growing Chinese maritime activity in the Indo-Pacific region.

China begins new military drills as US delegation visits Taiwan
China announced new military drills around Taiwan on Aug. 15, as a delegation of U.S. lawmakers met with Taiwanese officials at a time of heightened tensions in the region, with Beijing accusing the United States of “playing cheap political tricks” by strengthening its unofficial relationship with the self-governing democracy.




HII set to install first hypersonic missiles on USS Zumwalt, USS Michael Monsoor during repair period
A Mississippi shipyard is set to install the first long range hypersonic weapons on a U.S. warship in an upcoming repair period, USNI News has learned.

Advanced aircraft engine industrial base could ‘collapse’ if tech doesn’t transition: USAF official
The US military’s industrial base for advanced fighter engines could be on the verge of “collapse” if the Air Force decides to not pursue a new adaptive engine for the F-35, an Air Force official said on Aug. 11.

Northrop wins $3 billion missile defense contract
Northrop wins $3 billion missile defense contract and Honeywell gets $100 million for an Indian trainer jet.

This infantry squad vehicle is getting a laser to destroy drones
The U.S. Army is trying to integrate a 20-kilowatt laser onto its GM Defense-made Infantry Squad Vehicle that could potentially destroy drone threats, according to both the service’s Rapid Capabilities and Critical
Technologies Office and the company performing the integration work.

NDIA head David Norquist on Pentagon communications and handling inflation
The former No. 2 official at the Pentagon believes the department is going to have to get creative as inflation puts long-term contracts at risk.

Babcock inks deals to pitch Israeli tech for British radar, air defense programs
Babcock International has signed its second deal in a fortnight to aimed at offering Israeli technology for British defense programs.

After yearlong delay, MH-139 ready for military utility testing
After months of unexpected delays, the Air Force’s MH-139 Grey Wolf is set to enter military utility testing within the coming month, a service program officer said.



Pilot error the cause of Norway Osprey crash that killed 4 Marines
Marine Corps aviation investigators have determined that a fatal March 18 MV-22B Osprey crash near Bodo, Norway, that killed four Marines was pilot error.

Report reveals holes in DOD law enforcement active shooter response
An evaluation of the Defense Department and its law enforcement organizations has revealed a lack of an active shooter response and training standard.

US to deploy another 260 troops to Europe in response to war in Ukraine
The United States will deploy an additional 260 soldiers to Europe in support of its allies on the Continent as Russia’s war in Ukraine enters its seventh month, the Army said Aug. 12.

First live rounds of Army’s hypersonic weapon coming in ‘roughly’ 6 months
Soldiers are already training on the hypersonic battery equipment to prepare for delivery of the missile.

Combat rescue helicopter cuts trigger cost overrun, Air Force says
The U.S. Air Force is preparing a report to Congress detailing a major cost overrun that resulted from its decision to cut its HH-60W combat rescue helicopter procurement by 38 aircraft.




VA secretary tests positive for coronavirus
Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough tested positive for COVID-19 on Aug. 12, just two days after he attended a major bill signing at the White House with hundreds of veterans advocates in attendance.

80 years later, Navajo Code Talker marks group’s early days
It’s been 80 years since the first Navajo Code Talkers joined the Marines, transmitting messages using a code based on their then-unwritten native language to confound Japanese military cryptologists during World War II — and Thomas H. Begay, one of the last living members of the group, still remembers the struggle.

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