Headlines — September 23


Use us for combat zone tests, Ukraine minister tells US war industry
Mobility tactics, advanced technology and a workshop mentality for fixing battlefield problems all point to Ukrainian success fighting the Russian invasion.

As mobilization begins in Russia, sold-out flights, protests and arrests
The Kremlin urgently needs to ramp up public support for the war in Ukraine, but as thousands of reservists were called to duty, there were signs of deep unease.




Sentinel and Raider: Where these two legs of the nuclear triad stand today
The new ICBM and B-21 bomber will be a “stabilizing force” for strategic deterrence that is born digital to meet evolving threats.

Submarine fleet needs more spare parts to stem maintenance delays
Less than 30 percent of submarine maintenance work is completed on time, in many cases due to lack of material.

New Boeing and Red 6 partnership could launch F-15EX, T-7 into the metaverse
Boeing will begin integrating Red 6’s technology on a TA-4 test plane next month, a company executive said, with “campaign-level” metaverse training dreams in the future.

Lockheed’s newest high-energy weapon is multiple lasers in one
Here’s how it works, how it is intended to be used, and what it has in common with a famous album cover.

Raytheon moves to preliminary design for Glide Phase Interceptor for hypersonic defense
After completing the System Requirements Review-Prototype phase, Raytheon moves on to preliminary design, inching closer to a prototype in its competition with Northrop Grumman.




DOD ponders one-time payments to lower ranks to ease economic stress
As military families struggle with higher costs for food, gas, housing and more, there has been high-level discussion about a one-time payment to help troops in lower pay grades, said Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr.

USAF puts HARMs on MiG-29s, cruise missiles on C-130s, cargo in B-52s
In the last few months, the U.S. Air Force has modified Ukrainian MiG-29s to carry Western anti-radar missiles, turned U.S. strategic bombers into cargo carriers, and transformed airlifters into long-range strike aircraft, officials said this week, as Russia and the changing Indo-Pacific security environment have forced the service to think outside the box.

Services may be improperly denying vaccine religious waivers, IG says
The Defense Department’s inspector general has concerns that service authorities rushed through COVID-19 vaccine exemption requests, issuing blanket denials without reviewing each case individually, according to a memo to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin in June.

Senate to move Pentagon nominees amid critical minerals row
The Senate Armed Services Committee has reached an agreement aimed at advancing Pentagon nominees who would oversee acquisitions and defense industrial-base policy following controversy over a road in an Alaskan mining district.

Hugely powerful new Marine helicopter makes training exercise debut
HMH-461 bears the nickname “Ironhorse” — a fitting title for the Marines training with the new King Stallion.

Space Force completes space-based JSTARS replacement analysis, will inform future budgets
The Space Force is “working with all the other services and combat commanders to determine what are their requirements for ISR that we can then work with our partners in the Intelligence Community to figure out how best to satisfy those requirements,” CSO Gen. Jay Raymond said.




Stress over VA’s new health records is causing staffers to leave
Veterans Affairs’ switchover to a new electronic health records system may be demoralizing staff members and convincing some to quit, department leaders warned lawmakers on Sept. 21.

VA selects 30 programs for suicide prevention competition
When Amy Antioho needed help caring for her dying husband at their Berlin, Conn., house, she found home health care services through the Code of Support Foundation — assistance that gave Antioho time to support her Army veteran’s battle against brain cancer and also parent their young son.

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