Chaplain’s thoughts … Enjoy the moment …


There is a four-foot high Lego tower on my kitchen counter. There are toy cars, small shoes, stuffed animals and a host of other things that were previously neatly put away scattered about my living room. There’s a pack-and-play thingy in the guest bedroom, sippy cups in the dish rack and jars of baby food at the ready in the cupboard.

This glad state of affairs is not the norm at my home but … and here’s the good part … we have grandchildren visiting! With grandchildren comes a whole new level of energy and yes, noise that is not the staple of our home. Now the truth be told, I like an orderly home, not magazine perfect, but tidy and neat. I confess, I’ve grown accustomed to a home without small children. For a few days, I am joyously stepping over a toy or two for the greater joy of spending some time with two incredible human beings, and their mom. I’d say it’s a pretty good trade off.

Life can be a bit messy, especially with small ones in the home. The trick is to enjoy the moment and deal with the mess, and the messiness knowing that there is a time and a place for everything. Yes, there is a season for a clean house and a season for a not-quite-picked-up house. For a few days, I’m enjoying the grands … we can clean up later.

To every hardworking Airman who comes home to a house full of toys, and less than Martha Stewart-style living, I encourage you to simply enjoy the blessings your growing family brings to your life. Do your best to excel in your duties and responsibilities as a spouse and parent. Enjoy this season of life and give thanks for the blessings that mark your days.

Thanks for your service and sacrifice.