Chaplain’s thoughts … What time is it?

Tim Allen’s much beloved sitcom from the 90s, “Home Improvement,” always began with the TV studio audience being asked the question, “What time is it?,” to which the audience shouted “It’s tool time.”

The line never got old because you knew the next part of the show would include an inane demonstration of some tool or machine being “souped” up. Like a jet propelled lawn mower, or a leaf blower with ten thousand pounds of thrust. However, this question is not limited to a comedy show. It must be kept in mind throughout our lives.

Indeed, “What time is it?” As military types, we can answer that in so many unique ways. Perhaps it’s CDC time, or CCAF time, or PCS time. Maybe it is settling down time. You have found the one you wish to live your life with and wedding bells are in your near future. Perhaps it is time to start a family or to launch your child into the world; perhaps it is even time to welcome a grandchild into the world.

Whatever time or season of life you may be in just now, it is always a good time to reflect upon and keep strong the foundations that support your life. The foundations of faith, fidelity and fortitude. These make up the bedrock upon which our lives rest. When the foundation remains stable, the structure can stay intact, but if we weaken the foundation, our lives will suffer.

Whatever the time in your life, your chapel team understands that sometimes you need additional support to negotiate the seasons and times of life. We are here to assist as you encounter each season and struggle of life.

Thanks for your service and sacrifice.

Courtesy of Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Larry Fowler, 56th Fighter Wing Chapel

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