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56th Fighter Wing


To train the world’s greatest fighter pilots and combat-ready Airmen.


We build the future of Airpower.


We are changing the Air Force from within the 56th Fighter Wing.


Active duty: 4,300

Reserve: 1,300

Civilian: 1,300

Economic impact

Direct: $974 million

Indirect: $761 million

Inducted: $697 million

Total: $2.4 billion

Thunderbolt Nation

Since 1941, Luke has graduated more than 61,000 pilots

F-16 pilots graduated fiscal 2019: 79

F-35 pilots graduated fiscal 2019: 156

MRA graduates: 996

607th Air Control Squadron graduates: 228


Wing commander: Brig. Gen. Todd Canterbury

Vice wing commander: Col. Scott Walker

Director of staff: Lt. Col. Aaron Jelinek

Command chief: Chief Master Sgt. Ronald Thompson

Wing staff agencies

Command Post

Command Post Operations serves as the nerve center for all Luke Air Force Base operations. A duty controller is available 24 hours a day at 623-856-5600.

Safety Office

The safety office includes flight, ground and weapons safety staff. A mandatory local conditions class is at 8 a.m. Wednesdays for all newly assigned Luke personnel, both military and civilian. For more information, call 623-856-6941.


Protocol is the focal point for organizing all distinguished visits to Luke AFB including military and high-level civilians. Protocol provides policy/procedural guidance, proper protocol requirements and special handling for all distinguished visitors, dignitaries, and official military ceremonies/social functions. Protocol manages two general officer quarters and two DV lodging suites. Protocol will approve scripts and provide indirect supervision for change of command, retirement, promotion and re-enlistment ceremonies. For more information, call 623-856-5604 or email

Public Affairs

PA is the focal point for providing information on Luke issues, programs and base events to Airmen, the community and members of the news media. The staff conducts base tours, provides speakers for civic organizations in the community and is the commander’s liaison between the base and local media organizations. All media requests concerning Luke people, programs and events must be coordinated through Public Affairs. For more information, call 623-856-6011.


The Luke Chapel Team is committed to ensuring spiritual care for the entire family. Four chaplains and four support personnel are assigned to administer an extensive religious program in two chapels. For more information, call 623-856-6211.

Range Management Office

RMO provides decisive management of the Barry M. Goldwater Range complex in support of flying operations and pilot training, while incorporating a dedicated stewardship of the environment and natural and cultural resources entrusted to our care. For more information, call 623-856-8520.

Judge Advocate

The legal office provides confidential advice to all service members concerning personal civil matters and military affairs. Attorneys are available to provide advice on issues of marriage, divorce, adoption, insurance, personal injury, claims, rentals and leases, indebtedness, wills, and estate planning. The legal office also provides powers of attorney, vehicle license tax forms, and notaries. Air Force lawyers cannot represent members in civilian court, in civilian business matters or fill out civilian legal paperwork. However, attorneys can offer legal advice early and often, preventing problems from escalating. For more information, call 623-856-6901.

Military Equal Opportunity

The Military Equal Opportunity staff is qualified to assist Luke people with specialized problems in the areas of equal opportunity and treatment, human relations and other problems. For more information, call 623-856-7711 or email Sexual Harassment/Discrimination Hotline is 800-558-1440.

Equal Employment Opportunity

EEO serves as the wing commander’s advisor on discrimination complaints. This office processes EEO complaints of civilian employees and/or applicants for employment at Luke AFB. This office conducts and monitors all mediation sessions of workplace disputes for Luke AFB. For more information, call 623-856-7113.

History Office

The History Office provides historical services to the base and community. In addition to researching and writing annual wing history, the History Office annually updates the Heritage Pamphlet, and answers historical questions about the wing and the base. The office also coordinates unit emblems and tracks their lineage and honors. For more information, call 623-856-6328.

Provides all local war/contingency planners a strategic platform to enhance Thunderbolt readiness in support of wing and HHQ deliberate planning, execution and expeditionary force objectives. For more information, call 623-856-4327.

Inspector General

The IG is an independent agency that investigates complaints, allegations of reprisal, improper mental health referrals, fraud, waste, and abuse. It conducts administrative investigations designed to ensure efficient and effective mission accomplishment. For more information, call 623-856-6140 or email The Fraud, Waste & Abuse Hotline is 623-856-6149.

Individual Mobilization Augmentee

The Air Reserve Management Officer provides, develops, and maintains the IMA program to ensure the highest level of readiness through education, public relations, and training. For more information, call 623-856-7316 or email

Maintenance Operation Center

For more information, call 623-856-5469.

Community Support Coordinator

The primary purpose of this position is to serve as the Resilience Program Specialist/Facilitator on Luke AFB. Major responsibilities include Community Action Board executive director, Integrated Delivery System chair, Caring for People coordinator, and Status of Health and Airmen Resilience Exchange coordinator. For more information, call Sharon Kozak at 623-856-2716.

56th Comptroller Squadron

Mission: Educate and provide financial expertise to advance Airmen readiness and air superiority.

Demographics: Three officers, 18 enlisted and 17 civilian employees.


Commander: Maj. Sean Kelliher

Superintendent: Senior Master Sgt. Justin Wheeler

Responsibilities: Plans and executes $181 million operations and maintenance budget; maintains operational control of more than $700 million; performs cost analysis and economic studies; provides financial customer support for more than 6,000 military, civilians and Reserve personnel.

Fun facts: Comptrollers (a.k.a. Paymasters) were established by the Continental Congress in 1775.