LRS golf team takes first place in intramural golf championship

Master Sgt. Clark Twiss, Senior Airman Bret Heinken, Senior Master Sgt. Frederick Garcia and Airman Seth Negley from the 56th Logistics Readiness Squadron intramural golf team celebrate their win, Nov. 19, 2019, at the Falcon Dunes Golf Course in Glendale, Ariz. The 56th LRS intramural golf team won first place in the championship Oct. 10, 2019, after competing against 13 Luke intramural golf teams. The golf season offered the opportunity to meet members from different squadrons and compete in friendly competition, boosting morale. (Courtesy photograph)

The 56th Logistics Readiness Squadron, Luke Air Force Base, Ariz., intramural golf team earned a championship trophy and a new title after defeating the 56th Force Support Squadron in the golf championship match Oct. 10, 2019, at the Falcon Dunes Golf Course in Glendale, Ariz.

Seven LRS golf team members now claim bragging rights as the title Base Intramural Golf Champions after battling 13 Luke intramural golf teams during the week-long intramural golf season playoffs leading up to the golf championship match.

“The playoffs were very close,” said Senior Airman Bret Heinken, 56th LRS laboratory fuels technician. “We were struggling in the beginning and thankfully we put ourselves in a position the week before to pull through.”

The 56th LRS golf team entered the championship with a five-shot lead.

Heinken and retired Chief Master Sgt. Stephen Kazmirski competed against 56th Force Support Squadron golf team members in the championship match.

“We shot three under par in the championship match and the people we were playing shot three or four under as well,” said Heinken. “It was close on the final match.”

The team posted a total of 10 under par for the golf championship, shooting a 69.

The golf season started June 13 and finished Oct.10 with the championship. Nearly every week two LRS golf team members competed against other Luke golf teams, playing five-hour matches.

Master Sgt. Clark Twiss, 56th LRS fuels environmental safety officer, coached the LRS golf team for the first time this year.

Twiss said he enjoys the strategy behind coaching a golf team. When the team made it to the playoff rounds, he paired people who complemented one another.

“The first round of the playoffs I paired together the team’s long hitter Senior Airman Heinken and Senior Master Sgt. Frederick Garcia, who’s consistent with the irons and putter,” said Twiss. “They played off each other’s strengths and together they shot a seven under par which is the team’s best of the season. I remember that moment setting us up nicely going into the championship.”

During the golf season the players meet members from different squadrons and competed in friendly competition, boosting morale.

“I play golf recreationally, and it’s something I really enjoy doing,” said Twiss. “Being able to do it competitively on a sports team and meeting people from other flights and squadrons is fun.”

This is the first title and trophy won by the 56th LRS golf team.

“It’s a good win for the squadron,” said Twiss.

Twiss is looking forward to the next trophy and the back-to-back golf championship season next year.

“I was very proud of our team!” said Twiss. “They stayed cool, calm and collected under pressure. It can be nerve-wracking knowing every shot counts, a single shout out-of-bounds or missed putt could cost you the match, but our team kept it together.”