November: National American Indian Heritage Month 2015


National American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month celebrates and recognizes the accomplishments of the original inhabitants, explorers, and settlers of the United States.

This presentation reviews the historical milestones that led to the establishment of National American Indian Heritage Month, covers various aspects of American Indian and Alaska Native life, and honors the contributions of our Native Service Members.

The Society of American Indian Government Employees has chosen this year’s theme, Growing Native Leaders: Enhancing Our Seven Generations.

The characteristic that has been clearly demonstrated by the deeds of American Indians in combat is the warrior tradition.

The warrior tradition is best exemplified by the following qualities said to be inherent to most, if not all American Indian societies: strength, honor, pride, devotion and wisdom.

American Indians have participated with distinction in United States military actions for more than 200 years. Their courage, determination, and fighting spirit were recognized by American military leaders as early as the 18th century.

American Indian and Alaska Native employees represent one percent of the Defense Department’s federal workforce.

The nation’s population of American Indians and Alaska Natives, including those of more than one race, was 5.2 million in 2013, making up about two percent of the total population.

By the year 2060, the population of American Indians and Alaska Natives is expected to be 11.2 million.

A new generation of American Indians and Alaska Natives has assumed this charge from their elders, and they continue to improve living conditions and opportunities for a better future.