What’s your cause? Community encouraged to choose a charity for Combined Federal Campaign

FORT IRWIN, Calif. — Now more than ever, leaders at the National Training Center and Fort Irwin are encouraging soldiers, employees and retirees to choose a cause and donate during the annual Combined Federal Campaign.

The Army Community Services office had its CFC kick-off on Nov. 2 in the Samuel Adams ballroom.

The CFC is one of the world’s largest and successful workplace charity campaigns, raising more than $8.4 billion since its inception in 1961. $30 million was given last year, across the entire federal force.

“When we think through the challenges that exist in society right now, making a difference now is now is much more significant than in previous years,” NTC’s Commanding General, Brig. Gen. David Lesperance said.

The CFC offers federal employees and retirees the opportunity to support causes they care about by giving to their charities of choice from a list of thousands that participate.

The campaign runs through Jan. 15 and this year’s theme is, “Be the face of change.”

Lesperance encouraged leaders to engage their soldiers and employees in this federal gift-giving campaign, saying there are people who are a lot worse off than most federal employees who have been able to continue working through a pandemic.

He said during these times, there is an opportunity to help and lead by example and, “You can make a significant difference in the life of a group of people.”

Donors can give online at https://givecfc.org/.

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