Fort Irwin medical leaders visit local hospitals

Medical leaders from Weed Army Community Hospital at Fort Irwin, Calif., toured several high desert hospitals in November and December to strengthen rapport for an enhanced network for Fort Irwin beneficiaries.

Col. Nancy Parson, the Weed Army Community Hospital commander and director of medical services for Fort Irwin, and her team spoke with chief operating officers and other hospital staff members at Victor Valley Global Medical Center, Desert Valley Hospital, and Barstow Community Hospital.

“We send patients to them usually for emergency room transfers, so it’s just building that relationship with them and seeing how we can continue to partner together,” Parson said.

Lance Lowrey, the chief operating officer for Victor Valley Global Medical Center, met with Weed ACH leadership in November.

“We were very excited to meet with [Weed ACH] staff, find out if there was anything we could do to make [their] transfers to our facility as safe and smooth as possible and to strengthen our working relationship with Weed Army [Community Hospital],” he said.

Parson said it was important for the other medical facilities to understand Weed ACH’s unique mission at Fort Irwin and how she and her staff support the National Training Center.

“There are certain limitations to what we don’t have here, but also different specialty services that we don’t offer here,” Parson said. “So, I think it’s good to have that understanding for the local community of services we do and don’t have so that we can have that mutual support back and forth.”

Parson and her team toured the medical facilities and learned about staffing, services, and other information.

“During our tour of our facility, Weed [ACH’s] leadership team interacted with our staff in all departments, making them all feel very included,” Lowrey said. “All in all, it was a great experience and we look forward to working with Weed [ACH] in the future.”

Weed ACH is slated to host a leadership summit in March 2022 where leadership from local hospitals will visit Fort Irwin to tour the hospital and learn more about Fort Irwin and the hospital.

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