Headlines – November 10, 2016



Donald Trump wins presidential election in a shocking upset –
Donald Trump has won the presidency in a shocking political upset, backing his prediction that an underground movement and a series of victories in key states would catch pollsters and pundits by surprise.


After State Dept. blocks the sale, Philippines cancels order for 26,000 U.S. M16s –
Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte said he has canceled the purchase of 26,000 assault rifles from the United States after the sale was halted by the U.S. State Department.
WATCH: S-97 Raider flies with wheels up –
The S-97 Raider coaxial helicopter made by Lockheed Martin’s Sikorsky unit recently flew with its wheels up for the first time.
Indonesian air force uses Leonardo ISR sensor –
An Indonesian air force plane has been modified to carry an ISR sensor from Italy-based Leonardo-Finmeccanica.
General Dynamics awarded sensors contract for anti-sub warfare –
General Dynamics has been awarded an $18.9 million Navy contract for underwater sensors for anti-submarine warfare.
Singapore selects H225M, Chinook helicopters –
Singapore is to acquire an undisclosed number of Airbus Helicopters H225M and Boeing CH-47F rotorcraft as part of a fleet modernization program.
Army begins testing new combat truck at Aberdeen Proving Ground –
The Army, working on the successor to the long-serving Humvee to carry troops to fight around the world, is testing the new Joint Light Tactical Vehicle at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland.


U.S. Air Force experiments create ‘super soldiers’ –
The successful tests at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, used electrical brain stimulators to enhance the mental skills of soldiers.
USS Zumwalt’s radical long-range ‘Land Attack Projectile’ can hit cities from 80 miles away scrapped –
At $800,000 or more per round for each gun in the USS Zumwalt’s Advanced Gun System the Navy says the cost is just too high and is now moving to cancel these projectiles according to a new report.
F-22, F-35 outsmart test ranges, AWACS –
How smart is too smart? When F-35 Joint Strike Fighters flew simulated combat missions around Eglin Air Force Base in Florida, their pilots couldn’t see the “enemy” radars on their screens.


70 military and veteran job fairs across the U.S. — now through January –
The following are upcoming job fairs for service members, veterans and/or military spouses. Go to the website for an event before attending to find out whether you should register in advance. In some cases, you’ll be able to see which employers have signed up. Others are by invitation only.

Space & Technology

Hypersonic planes are inevitable –
Aviation giants now say hypersonic flight is an inevitable step that will revolutionize travel, and the U.S. is calling for more commitment and funding to help them lead the way.
Call that a dead planet? –
Stunning animations reveal gigantic dust storms, clouds and high winds rolling across the Martian surface.
Saturn’s ringlets revealed –
NASA releases stunning new Cassini image showing the structure of Saturn’s rings in unprecedented detail.