December 14, 2016

Headlines – December 14, 2016


Marine Osprey crashes near Okinawa, crew members rescued –
An MV-22B Osprey crashed in shallow water off Okinawa, Japan, Dec. 13, the latest in a series of Marine aviation mishaps.
Boeing Defense headquarters moving to D.C. –
Leadership of Boeing’s Defense, Space & Security unit will be leaving St. Louis, Mo., for the Washington, D.C., area at the start of 2017, although the vast majority of St. Louis employees will be staying at their current location.


Defense contractors promote T-X offerings as competition heats up –
Just weeks or perhaps days before the final T-X request for proposals drops, defense contractors are pulling out all the stops to ramp up enthusiasm for their offerings.
Raytheon Excalibur round set to replace LRLAP on Zumwalts –
The Navy is looking to Raytheon’s Excalibur guided artillery round to replace the effective but expensive Long Range Land Attack Projectile for the Zumwalt-class of guided missile destroyers, defense officials confirmed to USNI News.
Bulgaria issues RFP for new fighter –
The Bulgarian ministry of defence has issued a request for proposals to the potential suppliers of a new fighter for the air force.
Boeing buys underwater robot-maker Liquid Robotics –
Boeing is buying underwater robot manufacturer Liquid Robotics.
Safran to perform NATO NH90 helicopter engine support –
Safran Helicopter Engines has received a 10-year, $190 million contract from the NATO Helicopter Management Agency to support NH90 engine development.
PAE contracted to support maritime surveillance in Tunisia –
The agreement supports the U.S. Navy Regional Maritime Awareness Capability program, which aims to bolster maritime defenses for partner nations. According to PAE, work on the contract will include the delivery of command, control, communications, and surveillance capabilities to the Tunisian navy.


New war rules emphasize need to avoid civilian casualties –
The Pentagon has revised its rules of war to put more emphasis on the need to reduce civilian casualties and avoid “excessive harm” to people and property when planning and conducting attacks.
Former DOD comptroller Hale offers cost-cutting reform agenda –
The year-end ritual across the Defense Department is “use it or lose it,” with employees racing to spend every last dollar on office equipment and information technology, hoping to save their budgets from next year’s axe.
Army awards $384 million thermal sight contract –
Under the seven-year contract, awarded under the Family of Weapon Sights-Crew Served program, BAE Systems will provide thermal sights for machine guns.
Navy working early integration of MQ-25 drone onto aircraft carriers –
The Navy is working to integrate the MQ-25 Stingray drone onto aircraft carriers. The much anticipated UAV will be a tanker for aerial refueling.
F-22s coming to Australia next year –
While it will be a short deployment, Australia and the United States have agreed to deploy America’s most advanced fighter next year as part of the Enhanced Air Cooperation Initiative that has seen B-2 bombers and other advanced American aircraft deployed to the lucky country.
BAE Systems delivers first amphibious combat vehicle prototypes to Marine Corps –
BAE Systems and SAIC are competing to assemble 16 prototype ACVs to be used in 18 months of rigorous testing with the Marine Corps.


FBI looks into Congress’ claims VA lied about hospital costs –
The Justice Department is considering whether to investigate allegations that Veterans Affairs Department executives lied to Congress to conceal massive cost overruns at a $1.7 billion VA hospital under construction outside Denver.

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