October 30, 2017

Headlines – October 30, 2017


Two Navy SEALs under suspicion in strangling of green beret in Mali –
Navy criminal authorities are investigating whether two members of the Navy’s elite SEAL Team 6 strangled to death an Army Green Beret on assignment in Mali in June, military officials say.
Pentagon identifies soldier killed in Afghanistan helicopter crash –
The Defense Department on Oct. 29 released the name of the soldier killed this week in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan.
U.S. agrees to provide South Korea more weapons, upgraded defenses –
South Korea will buy more U.S. weapons, develop more advanced missiles and receive a more consistent presence of U.S. military nuclear weapons to defend against North Korea, according to agreements reached between top U.S. and South Korean military leaders that concluded in Seoul Oct. 28.


U.S. defense industry to Congress: Don’t let tax cuts add to the deficit –
The U.S. defense industry is asking Congress, as the legislative body crafts tax overhaul plans, to avoid adding to the deficit because companies are fearful that higher deficits will encourage cuts to defense spending in the long run.
U.S. cut $500 million off Boeing’s Air Force One before Trump –
The U.S. Air Force trimmed $500 million off the estimated cost of Boeing’s new Air Force One through a careful requirements scrub that wrapped up in November 2016—months before President Donald Trump took office and asserted he had personally slashed the price of the new aircraft by $1 billion.
Global armored vehicle maker buys two German armor producers –
A global armored vehicle supplier has announced its acquisition of two German-based armoring companies.
Finland wary over defense industry sales to Middle East nations in conflict –
Finland’s arms exports rose to $150 million in 2016 amid continuing efforts by the country’s defense industry to grow sales to markets in the Middle East. However, the increase in export business to the region, and in particular those states engaged in the military conflict in Yemen, is proving a cause for concern in some political quarters in Finland.
Leonardo could get shut out of joint EU defense programs — but backs them anyway –
The CEO of Italian defense group Leonardo has given his strong backing to the European Union’s new defense fund, despite fears that Italian firms — starting with Leonardo — could struggle to take advantage of the fund.
Turkey terminates local jet program worth billions –
Turkey has quietly axed a multibillion-dollar program for the indigenous production of a regional jet with dual civilian and military use.
North Africa to South Asia: German arms, global clients –
German weapon makers have complained that tensions with Turkey are hurting business, but what’s the truth? DW takes a look at deals for arms that German manufacturers have made with countries around the world.


Trump’s armada: Navy assembles three carriers in Asia for the president’s visit –
The Navy’s rare move to simultaneously assemble three aircraft carriers in the Pacific will create a major display of American sea power at a time when President Donald Trump is planning to visit the region for the first time next week.
Small teams of Marines advising Afghan brigades and battalion –
Small teams of Marines are traveling to Afghan bases to advise Afghan brigades and battalions, said Col. Matthew Grosz, of Task Force Southwest.
U.S. sends nuclear-capable B-2 stealth bomber on mission in Pacific ahead of Trump visit to Asia –
The U.S. military sent a nuclear-capable B-2 stealth bomber from Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri on a long-range mission to the Pacific area of operations over the weekend, it said Oct. 29, a day after Pentagon chief Jim Mattis highlighted rival North Korea’s “accelerating” atomic weapons program during a visit to South Korea.
Trump announces the Pentagon’s top Asia, technology nominees –
The White House late Oct. 27 announced its intent to nominate a pair of key Pentagon individuals, including the departments’ future technology head and its top Asia policy official.
Five rules for the Army’s Combat Aviation Brigades –
One year after senior leaders sounded the alarm that Army aviation was in a “deep hole” because of inconsistent funding and high demand overseas, the top general at Forces Command is continuing five rules that he hopes will provide soldiers with some relief.
Soldiers field-test the Army’s newer, lighter body armor –
Soldiers at Fort Carson, Colo., took the Army’s new body armor into the field and put it to the test over a series of tasks from Oct. 16-20.
U.S. Army buying a device that can quickly assess traumatic brain injury on the battlefield –
The Army has awarded a contract for development of a device to quickly determine if a person has a brain injury and how severe it is.
Starting off small: Army grapples with bringing robotics into fold –
After years of struggling to come up with a solid strategy for bringing robotics and autonomous systems into the fold, the U.S. Army finally appears on the verge of bringing them into combat formation in a way that makes operational sense, especially within the ground force.
Air Force works to deliver cargo overseas after delays, backlog from hurricane relief efforts –
Air Mobility Command is working on getting cargo delivered overseas after delays caused by responding to hurricane relief efforts, according to the command’s leaders.


Survey: Do you want Arlington National Cemetery to encroach on the Marine Corps War Memorial? –
Arlington National Cemetery wants to hear from Marines, other service members and veterans regarding a possible cemetery expansion that could encroach on the Marine Corps War Memorial.
Bill would dramatically overhaul vets’ life insurance payouts –
A New Mexico congressman wants to increase disabled veterans’ life insurance payouts more than eightfold, arguing the program hasn’t received a proper update in almost 70 years.
$2.3 million settlement in Marine veteran’s death at Wisconsin VA –
The government has reached a $2.3 million settlement with survivors of a Marine veteran who died of a drug overdose at the troubled Wisconsin Veterans Affairs Medical Center.
VA: Secret waiting list delayed care for 87 veterans in 2017 –
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs officials say an unauthorized, secret waiting list for psychotherapy appointments at Omaha’s VA hospital delayed care for 87 veterans this year.

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