May 14, 2018

Headlines – May 14, 2018


Air Force deployed mysterious drone to Afghanistan to catch terrorists planting roadside bombs –
Data from an investigation spearheaded by Defense News sister brand Military Times revealed that an experimental, homegrown reconnaissance drone called “Silver Fang” was deployed by the Air Force to Afghanistan during the mid-2010s.
Following Niger ambush, Pentagon promises more air support in Africa –
When U.S. soldiers in Niger became involved in a firefight Oct. 4 with local militants, it took an hour and a half for the first unarmed American aircraft to arrive overhead.


Interview: Finland’s defense minister talks air defense, EU procurement regulations –
Finland’s defense minister, Jussi Niinistö, visited the Pentagon May 8 to sign a letter pledging greater trilateral cooperation between his nation, the United States and Sweden. After the event, he talked with Defense News about his goals for the meeting, shared concerns about the European Union’s new defense initiative and Finland’s relationship with NATO.
Turkey, Ukraine negotiate industry participation in An-188 co-production –
Turkish and Ukrainian aerospace and procurement officials are in talks to finalize a program for the co-production of An-188 military transport aircraft.
Flood gates could open on U.S. drone sales to the Middle East –
U.S. drone sales could heat up in the Middle East as the Trump Administration moves to relax unmanned aircraft export policies abroad for non-NATO countries.
New team seeks local firms for Finland’s fighter replacement contract –
The Finnish government has created an industrial task force to identify subcontract and co-investment opportunities for indigenous defense, information technology and security industry companies linked to the country’s $12 billion fighter replacement project, the HX Fighter Program.
Future attack sub Rickover hits milestone as U.S. Navy churns through Virginia Block IV –
The Navy marked a milestone Friday for the ship named after the famously ornery and uncompromising father of the nuclear-powered Navy, Hymen G. Rickover, as the Navy burns its way through the latest iteration of the Virginia-class attack submarine.
New Eurodrone will rely on Galileo satellite navigation, but have GPS just in case –
The long-awaited European medium-altitude long-endurance UAV will rely on the new Galileo satellite system for navigation, but also use GPS as a backup, one of its design partners has said.
Commandos buying thousands of small missiles that pack a bigger punch than Hellfires –
As counterterrorism missions show no signs of slowing down and civilian casualties always a worry, the commando command is turning to a light, guided munition to chase down fast-moving targets.


A veil of secrecy fuels doubts on Afghan war –
It is challenging enough that the war in Afghanistan has gone on for almost 17 years. But now the Trump administration is raising hackles in Congress by cloaking in official secrecy an unusual amount of data about the longest armed conflict in American history, including, until very recently, the dwindling size of the beleaguered Afghan military.
Iraqi air successes can mean a reduced need for US military assets –
Recent events, such as the end of major ground combat operations in Iraq and Iraqi Air Force pilots coordinating attacks outside of their borders, have shown an increase in capabilities that will allow U.S. forces to pull back in the region and likely focus resources elsewhere.
DOD’s next-gen health records system deemed ‘neither effective nor suitable’ –
The Department of Defense’s new electronic health record program once again faced sharp criticism, as the department’s testing office released a hugely negative report critiquing the system’s usability.
Marine Corps F-35Bs train with Japanese F-35A fighters for first time –
Eight Marine Corps F-35B Lighting II stealth fighters are training alongside Japanese F-35As for the first time in northern Japan.


Friends across time: Navy buddies reunite after 52 years –
Johnny Pearson and John Noga were swapping stories and sharing laughs one recent Sunday morning, exhibiting an easy rapport and deep camaraderie that suggests the two have a longtime friendship that can weather any obstacle. In their case, that is true.
VA lets doctors use telemedicine to cross state lines –
Veterans Affairs healthcare providers will now be able to use telehealth and virtual technology to administer care to patients in other states, despite licensing restrictions, the VA announced May 11, 2018.
‘The VA is not nearly fixed’: Veterans explain what they want from agency’s next leader –
The top leadership of the Department of Veterans Affairs is in turmoil, after President Donald Trump ousted his first secretary and nominated his personal doctor, who dropped out of consideration amid controversy. Trump has yet to nominate anyone else.

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Headlines – January 21, 2019

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