Headlines – December 12, 2018



Family, friends remember Marines killed in KC-130J crash off Japan coast –
The five missing Marines who were aboard the KC-130J tanker plane that collided midair with an F/A-18 fighter off the coast of Japan last week ranged from young corporals early in their service to a veteran pilot, who was the executive officer of their Japan-based squadron. On Dec, 11, they were declared dead, ending days of searching for them.
U.S. Navy, Missile Defense Agency shoot down an intermediate-range ballistic missile in space –
The U.S. Navy and Missile Defense Agency continued a hot streak Dec, 11 when they successfully shot down an intermediate-range ballistic missile target in space from its Hawaii-based Aegis Ashore facility.


Japan moves forward on aircraft carrier, major F-35 buy –
Japan is expected to announce new defense guidelines next week that would transform its newest warship into an aircraft carrier and pave the way for a major purchase of as many as 147 F-35s, the parliamentary vice minister of defense for Japan’s ruling party said Dec, 12.
Thailand’s military is working to further link major weapon systems –
The words “network-centric Air Force” are emblazoned all over the buildings that make up the Royal Thai Air Force’s Wing 7, located at Surat Thani Air Force Base, southern Thailand.
Australia receives first two in-country F-35s –
Australia on Sunday received its first two F-35 strike fighters to be based in country at Royal Australian Air Force Williamtown. With the delivery, Australia is now the seventh country to locally base F-35s, joining the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Norway, Israel and Japan.
Israelis seek lasers vs. Hamas, Hezbollah rockets –
Israel largely abandoned lasers 12 years ago, but “there is a growing number of experts that understand the mistake that was made,” a senior Israeli source told Breaking Defense. “(We’re) ready to restart development with the more advanced building blocks available today.”
Rafael envisions mothership for optionally manned vehicles –
Israeli defense company Rafael is working to create a network of manned and unmanned armored vehicles, with one acting as a mothership to coordinate the use of their weapon systems against targets.


Pentagon claims nearly $4.4 billion in savings last year. Can it top it for FY19? –
The Pentagon’s hunt for efficiencies found $4.372 billion in savings during fiscal 2018, and has already found nearly $2 billion in savings for FY19, according to new figures revealed Dec. 11.
$750 billion or bust? Trump’s (latest) big defense budget bound for big fights –
Few of the experts we spoke to expect the administration to actually see the full $750 billion President Trump will reportedly propose this week. Between Trump himself calling the figure a “negotiating tactic” and the potential for it driving a $1.2 trillion deficit, the odds are awfully long.
U.S. Air Force’s ‘supervised snooping’ resumes with dramatic flight over eastern Europe –
A conflict between Russia and its neighbor, the Republic of Georgia, on proposed routes near disputed Georgian territory occupied by Russian troops. Georgia carried through on a longtime threat to disapprove all treaty flights if Russia tried to overfly its territory. Georgia’s stance brought an unprecedented halt to Open Skies overflights by all member nations this year. In fact, the Dec. 6 flight in Ukraine was apparently the first official Open Skies flight of the year.
U.S. Air Force to debut electronic warfare findings –
The U.S. Air Force is preparing to brief the most recent findings of a year-long concept of operations study on electronics warfare that examines how the Pentagon can protect its equipment and deny data access to emerging global threats.
Here’s what U.S. Army is saying about its new electronic warfare solution –
A U.S. Army official is describing results from the recent deployment of an urgent electronic warfare capability to Europe as mixed.
More than a rifle: How a new 6.8mm round, advanced optics will make soldiers, Marines a lot deadlier –
For decades, small arms advocates have pushed for a replacement for the M16/M4 weapons carried by most soldiers, Marines and special operators.
ACC considers revamping Red Flag to more accurately reflect modern threats –
The Air Force needs to overhaul its premier combat training event because the current model and current airspace allotment is far too limited to adequately train for a high-end fight, the head of Air Combat Command’s planning and requirements said Dec, 7.


Military units to reunite for mental health support in new VA pilot to prevent suicide –
Mental health professionals in the past have touted the benefits of veterans meeting with peers for counseling sessions to discuss trauma and prevent suicide.
Remains of NY sailor killed at Pearl Harbor identified –
U.S. military officials say the remains of a New York sailor killed in the Pearl Harbor attack 77 years ago last week have been identified.
Remains of Pearl Harbor victim from Kansas identified –
The remains of a 19-year-old Kansas man who was killed during the Japanese attack of Pearl Harbor have been identified.
World War II pilot who crashed in Himalayas accounted for –
A U.S. Army Air Forces pilot from Massachusetts whose plane crashed during World War II has been accounted for.
VA actually spent money — and years — on a scientific study to tell us daily drinking is unhealthy –
A groundbreaking scientific study by the Veterans Affairs Department revealed that daily alcohol use isn’t great for your health.