Pre-op standards


Vazquez wears sterile gloves while keeping her hands above waist level. Anything below the waistline is considered unsterile in the field of surgery.

Rosdon Rada, 56th Medical Operations Squadron general surgery technician, and Senior Airman Baronica Vazquez, 56th MDOS medical technician, place a sterile sheath on a hyfrecator Jan. 15 at Luke Air Force Base. The hyfrecator is used as an electric cauterizer to stop bleeding during general surgery.

A scalpel is prepped with a size 15 blade for a general surgery. Scalpels are contained tools for specific procedures that are done at the 56th Medical Group general surgery clinic.

A sterile syringe is covered until it is ready to deliver medication for surgical procedures.

A sterile procedure kit is used once and then discarded. It contains curved mosquito forceps, sharp forceps, ring forceps, curved iris scissors and a needle holder.