November 15, 2012


Chaplain’s Corner

Cmdr. Timothy Power
MAG-13 Chaplain

Last year at this time, I remember welcoming our seasonal visitors back and looking forward to the milder climate for my recently arrived family during this time of year in Yuma.  Little did I know how fast time would fly since last year because of my busy career, home and auto upkeep, and family.  I’d like to share a few pointers on how I have coped with my recent fast-paced schedule and still was able to enjoy life.  In a few words, I have celebrated milestones, balanced my life activities, and enjoyed renewing rest.

I use as my example of celebrating milestones God’s celebration of daily and weekly milestones in the Hebrew creation story.  Each day is a delight in the work of the Creator.  Shouldn’t we also be able to find that appreciation for good that occurs in a day or a series of days that leads to accomplishment through our creative use of our God-given talents?  For example one day recently, I passed my physical readiness test in the early morning, hopped on a plane, and worked late once I arrived at my destination.  Busy, full days like this and also more routine days should be celebrated.

Also, I balance my life’s activities by achieving progress in my many roles in life.  I invest my time in others as a Navy Chaplain bringing faith to my unit’s Marines and Sailors, but I also invest in my wife as a husband and children as a father.  Performing these different roles balances me, and when I am fatigued in my work at one role, I can be lifted up by my happiness in another role.  I experienced this balancing act when my teenage boys and I went camping during a busy work month over the summer and made some memories on the Colorado River that gave me a lot more mileage in my work and other areas of life.

Lastly, I once again look back to the creation story to see how important rest is for those who work.  Mentioned there are both a nightly rest and a weekly rest.  In later Scriptures, there are restful feasts, Sabbath rest years, and jubilee and millennial rest times.  From faith and nature it is obvious that those who work are designed also for rest.  Our physical bodies know how to achieve vital rest, but our spirits should be given restful opportunities as well.  Peace with God, faith communities, personal meditation and prayer are just a starter list on activities that provide spirit rest.  I remember participating in a military retirement where the Navy retiree F-18 pilot had the Hebrew shofar blown to signify the rest from military service and new beginning his family was embarking on in the future.  How appropriate this event was to symbolize a healthy view of his spiritual life in his fast paced career.

I hope you can use some or all of these pointers to enjoy a healthy productive milder climate season in Yuma.  I’ll be praying for this for you.

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