Headlines – August 10, 2016



Four more U.S. sailors disciplined in Iran boat seizure incident –
More officers and enlisted have been disciplined for their conduct in the January Farsi Island debacle, which lead to the capture of 10 sailors and two riverine command boats by Iranian paramilitaries.


Kuwait orders Airbus transport helos in $1.1 billion deal –
Kuwait Aug. 9 ordered 30 Airbus Helicopters Caracal military transport helicopters in a deal worth more than €1 billion ($1.1 billion), the latest step in a long-term tie between the Gulf nation and France, the French ministry of defense said.
Saudi losses in Yemen war exposed by U.S. tank deal –
The U.S. State Department says Riyadh can buy 153 Abrams tanks, 20 of which will replace ones destroyed in combat.
U.S. Air Force’s JDAM kits follow-on tees up industry battle –
As Boeing Defense, Space & Security works to double the output of satellite-guided Joint Direct Attack Munition tail kits to 36,500 per year, the U.S. Air Force is eyeing a sizable follow-on contract in fiscal 2019 that would sustain that level of production into the 2020s.
Lockheed Martin’s dual mode plus LGB kit improves weapon’s accuracy, precision –
Lockheed Martin is testing a new Dual Mode plus laser-guided bomb kit that integrates an inertial guidance package with the weapon’s semi-active laser guidance system.
Mississippi composites maker to invest $4.6 million, hire 42 workers –
A Harrison County maker of resin composite parts plans to invest $4.6 million and hire 42 workers after winning a U.S. Navy contract.
New DHS accelerator seeks wearable tech for first responders –
Attention, startups creating the next smartwatch or heart-rate sensing fabric: The Homeland Security Department wants your products. DHS on Monday opened applications for the second round of its federally focused tech “accelerator,” in search of wearable devices that can be customized for first responders.
Anaconda USV development progresses –
Switfships has cemented the second phase in the development of the Anaconda Special Operations Craft Riverine unmanned surface vessel following a research and development agreement with Virginia-based sister company, ICS Nett.
Report: Finland growing Middle-East defense sales –
The government of Finland has awarded 50 permits to companies to export arms to Middle East countries over the past 18 months, according to a report by Finnish Broadcasting Corp.
Saudi Arabia requests U.S. tanks, vehicles for $1.15 billion –
Saudi Arabia has requested to buy General Dynamics Land Systems-made M1A2S Abrams tanks and M88A1/A2 Heavy Equipment Recovery Combat Utility Lift Evacuation System (Hercules) Armored Recovery Vehicles in a foreign military sale worth approximately $1.15 billion, according to a Defense Security Cooperation Agency statement Aug. 9.
Seoul sets timeline for indigenous KFX AESA development –
South Korea has set a timeline for the development of an indigenous active electronically scanned array radar to be use aboard the planned KFX fighter.


Effectiveness of some counter-IED efforts unproven, IG finds –
The Pentagon’s agency tasked with developing technology to counter improvised explosive devices failed to determine whether more than $100 million in equipment actually worked, according to a new report from the Defense Department’s Inspector General.
B-2s head to the Pacific, demonstrating U.S. commitment to the region –
Three B-2 Spirit stealth bombers are headed to the Pacific theater, the Air Force announced Aug. 9.
Lockheed’s F-35 deals barred until Air Force vouches for fixes –
As negotiations drag on over Lockheed Martin’s biggest U.S. contracts yet to build F-35 jets, one potential impediment hasn’t attracted public attention: a congressional requirement that the Air Force secretary certify the fighter will be in top shape within two years.
In Nevada desert, the U.S. military prepares for a new kind of warfare –
U.S. military officers had just finished a mission in the Air Force’s premier exercise to train pilots for air-to-air combat, and something had gone wrong: Rank-and-file troops expected to carry out cyberattacks on enemy air defenses deviated from their plan without warning commanders and pilots.
The $432,000 bonus? Air Force may nearly double fighter pilot retention pay –
The Air Force wants to nearly double pilots’ retention bonuses to $48,000 per year — and this means some pilots could net themselves a whopping $432,000 if they stay in the service.
Florida F-22 experiences landing troubles during exercise at Hill AFB –
An F-22 pilot from Florida is safe after an undisclosed landing mishap Aug. 6 at Hill Air Force Base, Utah.
Outgoing Navy secretary still urging a base-closing round –
Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus said submarines have become more important to the national defense and the Navy has less excess capacity than the other armed services, but he also said all Navy facilities would be on the table — even sub bases — if there is a new base-closing round.
Who’s got a carrier to rival the U.S. Navy’s? (Hint: Not Russia.) –
It’s the Charles de Gaulle, the flagship and pride of the French Navy, and it’s been dispatched several times to join the fight against the Islamic State in Syria and in Libya. The carrier’s strike group performed so well in pounding the militants in the region that the United States Navy awarded it a Meritorious Unit Commendation in June. And President François Hollande of France announced on July 13 that the Charles de Gaulle would be redeployed to the Middle East this fall.
Is U.S. Marine Corps ready for wars of future? –
The United States Marine Corps will have to adapt to face off against emerging threats in 2025 and beyond. While the Marines had developed a deep counterinsurgency expertise for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the future is more likely to mirror more recent conflicts in Eastern Europe and Syria, the service’s top uniformed official told an audience at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.
Marine commandant: Corps must be modified for modern warfare –
The U.S. Marine Corps will adjust its force structure in the near future as it identifies gaps in capability and technology that it could face in a battle with a modern enemy, Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Robert Neller said Aug. 9.
U.S. Marine Corps to continue deploying, disaggregating Amphibious Ready Groups –
The U.S. Marine Corps will continue to deploy multi-ship Amphibious Ready Groups despite regularly needing to disaggregate the groups to meet global commitments, General Robert Neller, the USMC commandant, said Aug. 9.
Marine Corps digging itself out of aviation readiness hole –
The Marine Corps is in a “difficult place” when it comes to the readiness of its aviation fleet, the service’s top officer said Aug. 9.
U.S. Marine Corps mulls battalion restructures as it sheds end-strength –
The U.S. Marine Corps is mulling some changes in how units are structured as it seeks to maintain capabilities while dropping to 182,000 active-duty marines.


What’s really going on with veteran employment? –
Veteran unemployment is on the decline, but it’s still difficult to know how veterans are doing in the economy long term.

Space & Tech

Pentagon not ready to launch biggest spy satellites on SpaceX rockets –
Despite efforts to foster competition for launching Pentagon spacecraft, senior Air Force and intelligence officials aren’t ready to put their biggest, most advanced spy satellites into orbit on top of Space Exploration Technologies Corp.’s rockets.
China’s hybrid spaceplane could reset 21st century space race –
While SpaceX is making news with its recoverable rockets, China announced that it is working on the next big thing in spaceflight: a hypersonic spaceplane.