Headlines – November 7, 2018



Democrats’ big night brings big questions for defense policy –
Democrats won the U.S. House in convincing fashion in the Nov. 6 midterm elections, promising to shake up defense policy in the coming year and raising the possibility of tumultuous impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump.
Top U.S. general defends deployment of troops to border as legal –
The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff spoke out Monday against several retired generals who have criticized the recent deployment of active-duty troops to the southwest border, countering that U.S. military leaders are following a “legal order” from President Donald Trump.


New watchdog report decries ‘revolving door’ between the Pentagon and defense contractors –
If you follow changes in leadership at defense companies, it will come as no surprise that a number of defense executives join industry after years of service in the Pentagon.
UK defense spending faces $9 billion hole –
The UK Ministry of Defence has issued a new Defence Equipment Plan, detailing how the government will spend £186 billion ($243 billion) on military wares over the next decade amid an expected £7 billion ($9.1 billion) shortfall.
Wall Street’s latest fickle response to defense stocks, explained –
During its third-quarter earnings call Oct. 24, Northrop Grumman announced solid sales numbers, a spike in sector operating profit and a higher operating income.
Israel rolls out 8×8 Eitan, eye on exports –
Israel’s new Eitan armored personnel carrier is in final field testing with the celebrated Nahal infantry brigade, with series production to begin in 2021.
U.S. scraps Boeing upgrade of surveillance plane’s radar –
The Air Force terminated a Boeing contract to update the radar on its flagship AWACS surveillance aircraft after the company encountered major delays in developing hardware and software, according to budget documents.
UK plans a decade of weapons purchases as auditors sound warning bells –
Defense procurement minister reiterates commitment to 10-year, £186 billion purchase plan.
Japan to develop underwater drone to defend remote islands against Chinese –
Japan plans to develop a large underwater drone to monitor its remote islands as Tokyo continues to build up assets set to guard against Chinese incursion.
India’s HAL to double annual production rate of Tejas light combat aircraft from 8 to 16 –
Hindustan Aeronautics Limited is opening a new production facility in 2020 to double the production of Tejas LCA per annum.


Extra pay for border deployment? Here’s what troops can expect –
The Pentagon was asked Nov. 5 what types of pay troops deployed to the border could expect to see.
Pentagon’s competition with Russia, China is no cold war, general says –
The U.S. military lists Russia and China as its top priorities for war planning, but the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff maintains that America hasn’t entered into a second cold war.
A potential mobile artillery dynamic duo for the Army: ‘Hawkeye’ and ‘Brutus’ –
Recent Army artillery testing could give the fires community its first-ever ability to airlift self-propelled artillery in both small and large packages.
Forget the FOBs: Army logistics must adapt for the modern battlefield –
Just as the Army shifts its priorities to fighting in more domains than ever before and training for major combat operations against capable rivals, so too must its logistics harden, speed up and adapt to a challenging warfighting landscape.
Warships conduct first East Coast SWATT advanced training for carrier escorts –
In a first for East Coast-based carrier strike group escorts, warships from the Abraham Lincoln CSG are participating in a surface warfare advanced tactical training (SWATT) exercise in a push to standardize similar training throughout the fleet.
F-22 stealth jets got 587 aircraft to back off in their ‘combat surge’ over Syria –
U.S. Air Force F-22s recently completed their first “combat surge” in operations over Syria, and in doing so deterred almost 600 Syria, Iranian and Russian combat aircraft in the crowded skies there, the Pentagon said.


Veterans Day discounts: Your comprehensive guide to free pizza, farm supplies, desserts, hotel stays and more –
If you map out your discounts right, you could eat free all day on Veterans Day and the day after, in between shopping for some deals and booking some discounted travel.