God is his copilot

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Former AFFTC Tech Support Chief Alfred Miller to host book signing in Palmdale

Aerospace and aviation “fan-atics” are invited to meet and greet local author and former Air Force Flight Test Center systems manager Alfred Miller (“Fritz”), Nov. 2 at Barnes and Noble in Palmdale.

Miller will be signing copies of his new book, From Cows to Space with God as My Copilot. Alfred Miller was “in the right place at the right time” at Edwards AFB to witness the unfolding of aviation history — including the role of many unsung heroes whose story is worthy to be told.

Alfred Miller’s lengthy career included assignments as the Technical Support Division Chief for the AFFTC Directorate of Test Engineering at Edwards AFB and manager of the Edwards Flight Test Range, extending from the West Coast to Hill AFB, Utah. He is one of the “fathers” in the development of the Utah Test and Training Range, established primarily for Cruise Missile Testing and Air Force Combat Training.

He worked on a wide variety of activities supporting flight test operations during his career at Edwards, including modernization of AFFTC computer capabilities; technical support for virtually all AFFTC test programs, and support for “X Aircraft” operations at Armstrong Flight Research Center. In Miller’s words, “I had a front-row seat and a bird’s eye view, working hand in hand with many organizations and personnel engaged in flight testing at Edwards.”

The son of devout Catholic immigrants, Alfred Miller grew up on his family’s dairy farm in Wasco, Calif. He graduated from UC Berkeley in 1953 and accepted an assignment as a project mathematician at the AFFTC. In writing his life story, he hopes to share not only his legacy of professional accomplishments, but also his abiding belief that anyone can succeed in life with God’s help. “This is not only my story — it is a story about how God works wonders,” says Miller.

The book signing event for From Cows to Space with God as my Copilot is scheduled for 1 p.m., Nov. 2 at Barnes and Noble Booksellers in Palmdale, Calif. The store is located at 39228 10th Street West.