Headlines – January 10, 2020


U.S. officials: ‘Highly likely’ Iran downed Ukrainian jetliner-
U.S. officials said Jan. 9 it was “highly likely” that an Iranian anti-aircraft missile downed a Ukrainian jetliner late Jan. 7, killing all 176 people on board. They suggested it could well have been a mistake.
In a rebuke to Trump, House Dems advance measure barring war with Iran-
Even as the threat of war with Iran appeared to ebb this week, House lawmakers Jan. 9 approved a measure to bar President Donald Trump from further military action against the Middle Eastern power without explicit authorization from Congress.


U.S. Army picks winners to build light, medium robotic combat vehicles-
The U.S. Army has picked winners to build base platforms for its light- and medium-class robotic combat vehicles, according to a service statement released Jan. 9.
Israel is developing lasers to kill drones and rockets-
Israel is developing lasers to defeat drones, rockets, artillery, mortars and anti-tank guided missiles, its Defense Ministry announced Jan. 8, calling the effort a major breakthrough by its Directorate of Defense Research and Development.
Singapore gets the green light to buy F-35s-
The U.S. government on Jan. 9 formally approved Singapore to become the next customer of the F-35 joint strike fighter, paving the way for a future sale.


Army Spec Ops boss won’t reinstate Special Forces tab to officer pardoned by Trump-
The general helming U.S. Army Special Operations Command denied a request to reinstate the Special Forces tab of an officer pardoned before going to trial for the 2010 death of an alleged Afghan bomb maker, forcing the request to now go to the service’s highest level review for personnel actions.
82nd Airborne paratroopers just deployed without their phones. Your unit could be next-
As America’s adversaries become more sophisticated, U.S. combat troops heading to the war zone may have to get used to leaving behind their phones, laptops and even personal gaming devices, military experts say.
U.S. Army to field Israeli-made long-range missile on helicopters-
The U.S. Army has decided to field an Israeli-made, long-range precision munition on attack helicopters as an interim solution to get after greater stand-off and long-range engagements.
U.S. Air Force scientific advisers lay out 2020 study plans-
The Air Force’s science advisers in 2020 will launch three studies on future communications, innovation in space, and the unintended consequences of using autonomous systems, the results of which will shape the service’s research investments.