Headlines — November 24


Russia rejects U.S. concerns about Ukraine as smokescreen
The Kremlin on Nov. 22 strongly rejected the U.S. claims of a Russian troop buildup near Ukraine, saying it could be a ruse intended to cover up what it described as Ukrainian leadership’s aggressive intentions.

U.S. warship again transits sensitive Taiwan Strait
A U.S. warship again sailed through the sensitive Taiwan Strait on Nov. 23, part of what the U.S. military calls routine activity but which always riles China whose government believes Washington is trying to stir regional tensions.

Australia signs nuclear propulsion sharing agreement with UK, U.S.
Australia signed the agreement to share nuclear propulsion information with the United States and the United Kingdom on Nov. 22, marking the initial steps towards the construction of a nuclear-powered submarine fleet with the assistance of the U.K. and U.S.




UAE Air Force awards $3 billon maintenance contact to local firm GAL
Under the deal, the company will supply the United Arab Emirates’ Air Force and air defense units with maintenance, repair, and overhaul, or MRO, services.



Navy says fuel, water leaked from facility near Pearl Harbor
About 14,000 gallons of fuel and water spilled from a drain line near the troubled Red Hill facility that serves Pearl Harbor over the weekend, the Navy said in a statement.

Army outlines consequences for soldiers who decline coronavirus vaccine without waiver application
The Army won’t promote or reenlist troops who refuse the coronavirus vaccine and who haven’t requested an exemption, according to a memo from the service’s top civilian leader.

U.S. has ‘a lot of catching up to do’ in hypersonics, Space Force’s No. 2 says
One day after the Space Force’s second in command warned that the U.S. is “not as advanced as the Chinese or the Russians in terms of hypersonic programs,” a media report indicated that Chinaís widely reported nuclear hypersonic test this summer included an added capability.




Iraq War veteran launches business to employ former service members
Tools for Veterans is housed in a workshop set up in a home garage.

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Headlines — November 24
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