U.S. Navy boot camp extended to 10 weeks

U.S. Navy recruits will now go through a 10-week boot camp in Great Lakes instead of the eight weeks it used to be.

Recruit Training Command, the Navy’s enlisted boot camp, announced the extension and said that any recruits who arrive after Jan. 3, 2022, will be enrolled in the 10-week BMT program.

“We’ve added more leadership and professional development to the basic training toolkit, which Sailors can rely on throughout their careers,” said Rear Adm. Jennifer Couture, commander, Naval Service Training Command. “This additional training reinforces character development with a warfighting spirit so our Navy is strong, lethal and ready.”

“Sailor for Life,” a new training phase in the additional two weeks, provides recruits with more training in mentorship, small-unit leadership, advanced Warrior Toughness training, and professional and personal development through the Navy’s MyNavy Coaching initiative.

“The additions were the result of fleet feedback and the hard work of all the staff here at RTC and throughout the Navy,” said Lt. Cmdr. Katy Bock, military training director, Recruit Training Command. “Every recruit now graduates with more tools and skills to make them more effective and combat ready Sailors.”

Recruit Training Command continually builds on what it means to be a basically trained Sailor. The 10-week BMT program enhances Recruit Training Command’s ability to supply the Navy with basically trained, engaged and connected warfighters.

For more information about Recruit Training Command, visit bootcamp.navy.mil

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