Headlines — January 28


US, NATO deliver counteroffers to Russia on defusing Ukraine war prospects
U.S. and NATO officials have separately delivered new sets of proposals to the Russian government for sorting out security concerns in Europe, while rejecting Russia’s demand that the alliance forever close its door to Ukraine.

Russia threatens retaliation if Ukraine demands not met
Russia says it has no plans to invade Ukraine, but the U.S. and allies are planning for the worst.

US troops on alert for Eastern Europe deployment could be in for long wait if NATO can’t reach consensus
Thousands of U.S. troops are now on heightened alert for a possible NATO mission in Eastern Europe, but one potential obstacle stands in the way: all 30 alliance members must agree to the deployment.




SecDef Austin Summons Hypersonics CEOs
Face-to-face Pentagon meeting set for next week in race to outpace China and Russia.

BAE, Oshkosh cold weather vehicle prototypes survive Army’s Alaskan tests
BAE systems and Oshkosh Defense, with its partner ST Engineering, will now compete for the contract, with an award expected near the end of June.

KC-46 vision system problems lead to $402 million charge for Boeing
Boeing reported a nearly 14% drop in its defense business sales in the most recent quarter, driven partly by a $402 million charge on the KC-46A Pegasus tanker program.

FTC alleges Lockheed had tried to limit competition before Aerojet deal
The U.S. Federal Trade Commission is raising new accusations Lockheed Martin tried to block competition even before its proposed acquisition of Aerojet Rocketdyne, according to a complaint filed this week.

British Army taps Lockheed to upgrade air-defense command system
The British Army is upgrading its existing command-and-control, battlespace-management capabilities in a deal with Lockheed Martin UK that the contractor originally declined to bid on.

Kuwaiti Air Force’s new F-18s, Typhoons facing delivery delays
The year 2022 was supposed to be the year the Kuwait Air Force took almost full delivery of two long-awaited platforms that would double its size and multiply its capabilities.




Inquiries into fatal 2020 amphibious vehicle sinking resume at Camp Pendleton
The third of six planned separation boards convened at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton Jan. 25 as the service weighs what to do with the officers and senior enlisted leaders blamed for the fatal sinking of an assault amphibious vehicle off the San Diego coast two summers ago.

Sexual harassment in the military now a crime under Biden order
The commander in chief signed an executive order Jan. 26 making the changes to the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Navy discharges additional sailors for vaccine refusal
The Navy previously booted 20 entry level service members for vaccine refusal.

Space Force plans two new exercises: Polaris Hammer and Black Skies
The Space Force will debut a new training exercise this year, aimed at improving the service’s command and control capabilities, the head of Space Training and Readiness Command said Jan. 26.




Free COVID home tests for everyone? Here’s why Medicare, veterans’ insurance are excluded
Biden administration’s mandate that began Jan. 15 calls for those with private health insurance to get a monthly allotment of free tests. Yet health experts say the ambitious federal plan to quickly extend home testing will be challenging because of the nation’s fragmented health care system.

Anticipating boom of aging veterans, VA to expand care, services for the elderly
The Department of Veterans Affairs is planning to expand several programs that allow senior veterans to age in their homes or live in home-like settings as alternatives to elder care facilities.

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