Celebrity Veterans: Actress Jennifer Marshall is also a Navy and Army veteran

Actress Jennifer Marshall has appeared on many TV shows, including “Stranger Things,” “NCIS,” “Hawaii Five-0” and “Game Shakers.”

She was also in the Navy, serving from 1998 to 2003. Her assignments following basic training at Naval Station Great Lakes, Ill., included Naval Base Ventura County, San Nicolas Island, Calif., and the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt.

Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Jennifer Marshall (Navy photograph)

While on the Roosevelt, she deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, earning the enlisted aviation warfare designation.

Her duties included aircraft handler and aviation logistics. She was also a member of the ship’s security defense force team as well as the repair locker fire team.

She also worked as a representative for the Roosevelt’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Response program, advocating for sailors who had experienced trauma resulting from sexual assault.

After five years of service, Marshall was discharged as a petty officer second class.

Following her service, Marshall used her G.I. Bill to help pay for college at Virginia Wesleyan University. She then earned a graduate degree from American Military University.

Besides college, she became a licensed private investigator, which aided her character roles in the TV shows “Stranger Things,” “Mysteries Decoded” and “NCIS.”

A few years after graduation, she moved to Los Angeles to seek a career in television and film.

In 2020, she returned to military service, receiving an Army commission in the California State Guard, serving in public affairs.

Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Jennifer Marshall, left, and Navy Seaman Rosemarie Alvarez stand next to an aircraft. (Navy photograph)

Marshall volunteers in her community by mentoring veterans looking to enter film and television, delivering food to homebound seniors through the local senior center and raising funds for veteran rehab equipment.

Marshall was born in Denver before moving to Carbondale, Ill. She currently lives in Los Angeles.

In an interview by Justin Sloan for military.com, Marshall said: “For anyone who is on the fence about serving ó life is 90 percent attitude and 10 percent circumstances. In the military, you will sometimes feel like it is 90 percent circumstances and 10 percent attitude. It’s not. Just keep your eye on the prize, take pride in what you do, work hard and you will be rewarded, whether while in the service or once you separate.”

She added: “It sounds like a kindergarten saying, but I always like to say if something needs accomplished, vets can do it. Vets can do anything, so go out and do it.”

A Navy E-2C Hawkeye flies over its home station at Naval Base Ventura County, Calif., in 2004. (Navy photograph by PO2 Thomas Peterson)

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