Headlines — May 9


Training, weapons, intel: The US military’s slow slide toward confrontation with Russia over Ukraine
Reports this week that U.S. intelligence had helped Ukraine sink a Russian warship and kill Russian generals on the battlefield were the latest signs of what appears to be the Pentagon’s slow, steady march to deeper involvement in the European war.

Ukraine to get a dozen howitzers from Germany and the Netherlands
Decision comes after much hand-wringing in Berlin about the extent of Germany’s military support to Ukraine.




Pentagon reviewing hundreds of industry proposals in effort to rapidly arm Ukraine
The Pentagon has received more than 300 responses to its call for weapons and commercial systems to rapidly equip Ukraine’s military.

Pentagon awards nearly $137M for Ukraine weapon acquisitions as Army, Marines spend about $1.5B to backfill US stockpiles
The Pentagon has awarded eight contracts totaling $136.8 million to procure weapons and equipment for the war in Ukraine with another $1.45 billion sent to the Army and Marine Corps for the replenishment of U.S. stockpiles, a Defense Department official said May 6.

Satellite comms firm Telesat unveils first-quarter earnings
The satellite communications firm Telesat on May 6 reported earnings of $11 million in its first quarter.†

Satellite service provider EchoStar posts Q1 earnings
EchoStar Corp. on May 5 reported earnings of $91.4 million in its first quarter.

First quarter earnings for simulation firm Ansys beat expectations
Engineering simulation specialist Ansys on May 4 reported first-quarter earnings of $71 million.

Serbia shows off new Chinese anti-aircraft missile system
ICYMI: We have images from Serbia’s recent military drill, including the HQ-22 surface-to-air system.




US military risks a decline in female troops under Roe rollback
U.S. troops could see their access to abortion severely curtailed if the Supreme Court overturns its landmark ruling on reproductive rights, potentially hurting military recruitment and the retention of women.

Air Force puts good behavior front and center in revised guides for enlisted airmen
The Air Force’s top enlisted airman has been busy this spring, rolling out a set of guides that more clearly define the enlisted corps’ modern role and prioritizing their personal growth.

Atlantic Council urges Pentagon to utilize commercial space capabilities
The U.S. military’s hesitancy to embrace the burgeoning commercial market for small satellite launches may undermine its space superiority in the next decade, according to the Atlantic Council.

How the US Air Force is getting the F-35 ready for a war with China
A recent training exercise held in Japan called Iron Dagger showed how the U.S. Air Force plans to fight a war with China in the Indo-Pacific and the importance of the ACE and FARP operations.




Veterans unemployment under 3% for second consecutive month
Veterans’ unemployment remained below 3 percent for the second consecutive month in April, offering more evidence that the American job market is nearing full recovery from the two-year coronavirus pandemic.

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