What should I do if my stuff is damaged?

As with any move, there will be times when things don’t go as planned.

If your personal property is lost or damaged, or there is a lapse in service, you are entitled to compensation. However, to receive compensation, you must file a claim.

Sometimes moves don’t go as smoothly as you would hope. You are entitled to receive compensation for lost or damaged property, and expenses incurred due to a lapse in service. You are highly encouraged to file claims in these instances and can find more details about the various types of claims and how to file for each in the information below.

Personal property claims

If you arrive at your new duty station and find some of your household goods lost or damaged, you may be entitled to the full replacement value, or the cost of repair.

This includes items that have been transported via the following move types:

  • Household goods, or HHG
  • Unaccompanied baggage, or UB
  • Non-temporary storage, or NTS
  • Direct procurement method, or DPM

You must give notice of loss or damage with 180 calendar days from the delivery date.

The first step in initiating a claim is to give your Transportation Service Provider written notice listing all the missing or damaged items for which you intend to file a claim. This notice does not need to give full details about each item ó that will be done when you file your claim ó but the notice should include the item name, inventory number and a brief description of the loss or damage.

Most people do not unpack every box on the day they are delivered, so you can give multiple notifications as long as it is within the 180-day period.

The notice can be submitted:

  1. By reviewing and signing the ìNotification for Loss and Damage at Deliveryî form given to you by the delivery crew on your delivery day.
  2. By submitting the ìNotification of Loss and Damage After Deliveryî form in the Defense Personal Property System at dps.move.mil

The next step after giving your notice of loss or damage, is to file an itemized claim in DPS for every item that was lost or damaged during the moving process.

You have up to nine months to file a claim for full replacement/repair value of the item(s) you are claiming. If the claim is filed more than nine months from the delivery date, you will only be eligible for a depreciated value.

It may be best to gather as much information as you can before logging into the DPS to file your claim. Information may include: manufacturer, description of item, inventory number, cost when you bought the item, the year you bought the item, description of the damage, and an estimate for repair of the item. You can also include photographs and receipts if you have them.

Once the claim is filed, TSP must confirm receipt within 15 calendar days. TSP is then responsible for assessing the value of your property and may send someone to inspect the damage. If property is lost, TPS will start a trace to locate it. TSP must pay, deny, or make an offer within 30 days on all claims of $1,000 or less, and 60 days for claims over $1,000.

When TSP provides an itemized listing of their offer, you can accept or reject the offer for each item. This step should be completed by using DPS.

Remember, do not feel pressured to accept an offer unless you are completely satisfied with the amount offered.

If you are unable to come to an agreement with the TSP, you should transfer your claim to your military claims office. The MCO will then take over the process.

Instead of using the traditional filing method described above, if the delivering TSP offers, you may file a quick claim settlement outside of DPS to promptly resolve minor loss or damage (not to exceed $1,000). You will file paperwork on delivery day with the TSP and payment will be sent ìwithin five calendar daysî of claim submission. While you cannot file claims on those specific items later, you may still use DPS to file claims for other lost or damaged items discovered after delivery.

Residential damage claims

If your TSP causes any damage to your home or residence, you can file a Real Property Damage claim to be reimbursed. Follow these steps to file a Real Property Damage claim.

Step 1: Document the damage on the day it occurs

Conduct a pre and post walk-around with the TSP and note any damage, both interior and exterior, in writing. Take pictures for your records. An example of damage might include scratched hardwood floors, dented walls, torn grass, etc.

Step 2: Submit a claim

Contact the TSP directly within ìseven calendar daysî from the last date they were at your residence. The TSP may require you to submit a ìDP3 Real Property Damage Form.î

Step 3: Conduct an inspection

The TSP may schedule an inspection within ì15 calendar daysî of notification. They will arrange for a repair firm to inspect your property damage. The repair estimate will be shared with you to determine payment.

Inconvenience claims

If your household goods arrive late, you may be entitled to an inconvenience claim.

An inconvenience claim is authorized and payable when:

  • The TSP fails to pick up a shipment upon the agreed date.
  • The TSP fails to deliver on or before the required delivery date, provided you are in possession of residence and are available to receive the delivery.
  • The TSP places your shipment into storage in transit, or SIT, without you being notified.
  • You have requested for your shipment to be released from SIT and the carrier is unable to deliver the shipment out of SIT within the following dates:

* Within seven government business days from the date you make your first contact requesting delivery or

* Within two government business days, when your requested delivery date is more than seven business days out.

You will be notified by your TSP if a delay is expected to occur with your shipment. This normally happens a few days prior to the scheduled delivery day but could be as late as on the day of scheduled delivery.

Vehicle claims

There are two options for filing a POV loss or damage claim:

  1. Onsite settlement: File a claim (valued at $1,500 or less) at the Vehicle Processing Center during pickup. Payment will be sent electronically to your bank account.
  2. International Auto Logistics, or IAL, claim: Obtain an estimate from a repair facility of your choice and submit to the IAL claims office. IAL will review, process, and settle your claim within 90 days. For more information, contact the IAL Claims department toll free at (855) 389-9499 and select ìclaimsî from the voice menu. Claims may be emailed toÜclaims@ialpov.us.

You can access IAL’s claims information at PCSmyPOV or review the ìPOV Claims brochureî for more details on this topic.

If you are unable to settle your claim directly with IAL, you can transfer your claim to your service branch military claims office, or MCO.

POV inconvenience claims

As with a late delivery of household goods, you may be entitled to an inconvenience claim if your shipped vehicle is delayed. This could include rental care and lodging expenses. The government will reimburse you up to $30 per day for the first seven calendar days, not to exceed $210. After that time, the contractor may be responsible for paying inconvenience claims over the government’s maximum allowance.

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