Headlines — May 23


US, South Korea open to expanded military drills to deter North
President Joe Biden said cooperation between the U.S. and South Korea shows “our readiness to take on all threats together.”

Belarusians join war seeking to free Ukraine and themselves
Belarusians are among those who have answered a call for foreign fighters to join the International Legion for the Territorial Defense of Ukraine.

Putin complains about barrage of cyberattacks
Russian President Vladimir Putin says his country has faced a barrage of cyberattacks from the West amid the invasion of Ukraine but has successfully fended them off.

Biden says US would defend Taiwan if attacked by China
U.S. President Joe Biden has said he would use force to defend Taiwan if it was attacked by China, appearing to signal a shift away from Washington’s decades-long policy of so-called strategic ambiguity towards the East Asian democracy.




Air Force to name newest hypersonic weapon maker by September
The Hypersonic Attack Cruise Missile program, although nascent, is “going pretty well,” program executive Brig. Gen. Heath Collins told Breaking Defense in an exclusive interview.

What makes the Switchblade drone lethal in Ukraine?
AeroVironment Vice-President Charles Dean shows off the Switchblades 300 and 600.

Colombia to buy 12 French-made Caesar howitzers
Colombia has selected Nexter’s Caesar howitzer as part of an effort to modernize its Army’s field artillery capabilities, with negotiations beginning for a first batch of four, worth about $35 million, military sources in Bogota told Defense News on condition of anonymity due to security reasons.

British military feels out industry on a £1 billion helicopter buy
A £1 billion ($1.25 billion) competition to acquire a new fleet of medium-size helicopters for the British military was officially triggered by the Ministry of Defence this week.




Surge in Navy deserters could be a sign of a bigger problem for the military
In 2021, 157 sailors illegally fled the U.S. Navy, more than double the number who deserted in 2019. Although all but eight of them eventually returned to their units, a military legal expert says the dramatic increase in desertions may be a sign of a bigger issue.

Army makes new cohesion assessment teams permanent
After a two-year pilot program, the Army has institutionalized its cohesion assessment teams, a culture and climate assessment program aimed to arm brigade and battalion commanders with the information they need to solve tricky problems in their ranks.

Pentagon weighs deploying Special Forces to guard Kyiv embassy
The Biden administration is weighing the desire to avoid escalating the military presence against the security of U.S. diplomats in a conflict zone.

B-21 Raider first flight now postponed to 2023
Without explanation, the Air Force now says the first B-21 bomber will not make its first flight until 2023, pushing back at least six months from the previously expected timetable.




‘I want to reset my brain’: Female veterans turn to psychedelic therapy
Traumatized by war and sexual assaults, some U.S. veterans and veterans’ spouses are seeking help in a Mexican clinic that treats depression and addiction with potent hallucinogens like toad poison.

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