Headlines — July 25


500-plus drones, extra HIMARS headed to Ukraine in latest US assistance package
Plans also call for long-term discussions over what future aircraft Ukranian pilots could use.

China more aggressive, dangerous to US and its allies, Milley says
The Chinese military has become significantly more aggressive and dangerous over the past five years, Gen. Mark Milley said during a trip to the Indo-Pacific.

Top US delegation visits Kyiv, vows to ensure continuing support
A senior U.S. Congressional delegation met Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy in Kyiv on July 23 and promised to try to ensure continued support in the war against Russia.




Future of autonomous flight comes into focus at Farnborough Air Show
The future of defense aviation is autonomous, aerospace industry leaders repeatedly said at twin air shows in England this month — and it’s arriving soon.

Successful HAWC test doesn’t end DARPA’s hypersonic Scramjet efforts
DARPA is going to keep working on its Hypersonic Air-breathing Weapon Concept (HAWC) missile, even though the program for which it’s meant to be a technology pathfinder is already in source selection.

Coloradans developing state’s newest firefighting tool, transforming a Black Hawk to a Firehawk
Sitting in a Centennial hangar is a Black Hawk helicopter far from fit to fly. Its electronic guts hang loose in the cockpit. Its floors are ripped up. Its seats might as well be on a beach somewhere.

Boeing says it’s ready to help USAF ‘accelerate’ delivery of E-7 ahead of 2027 timeline
The Air Force’s aging E-3 Sentry fleet is on its last legs. The service has already asked in the 2023 budget to retire half the fleet, and its replacement, the E-7 Wedgetail, has been selected.



New DOD ID cards are finally compatible with TSA security
For the past two years, those with the new cards have needed to produce an alternate form of identification at many airports, since the IDs’ barcodes were incompatible with the TSA’s scanning system.

Inside the Pentagon slugfest over the future of the fleet
At different points this year, the Pentagon and Navy leaders have floated all five numbers as the desired size of the Navy, the result of a high-stakes — and still raging — internal battle among top Navy, Marine Corps and Pentagon leaders.

After setting ultra-endurance record, Army Zephyr drone keeps flying, whether it wants to or not
The high-flying unmanned aerial vehicle has been above Arizona for more than a month, living on batteries, solar power and a prayer.

Aviation crashes are again on the rise. Are ongoing safety and training issues to blame?
A spate of military aircraft crashes over recent months is again raising questions about the Pentagon’s approach to safety and training across military branches.



Aerospace engineer and Black WWII veteran falsely labeled a mutineer dies at 101
Bernard Benedict James was convicted of mutiny and insubordination, a Black soldier who dared question a white superior officer. His family has spent decades trying to clear his name.

This World War I battlefield is on fire and exploding 100-year-old ordnance
The war to end all wars isn’t done ravaging the continent.

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